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Massages , 15 June 2016

The Ultimate Pre-Event Body Treatment: Decleor’s Refine & Firm Massage

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Oh how I love the word bespoke. Carried on its wings are the hopes of things conceived and rendered just for you – passport holders initialled, shoes made to measure, trousers that fit just so: bespoke is a rarified and better world.

Marry up the words bespoke and treatment for a coupling that’s akin to Elvis + Gosling or holiday + epic spa in my estimation. I will go out of my way for a bespoke treatment and in fact just last week took a detour on my way home from work thanks to the lure of those two words side by side.

Decleor, you see, have decided that people are mostly sick of the same hackneyed massage routines and that customers don’t want a series of standard moves – a massage should have as many permutations as the human body variants.

To break the mould, they got the legendary masseuse Chico Shigeta involved, giving her the brief of creating a bespoke massage that would draw from draining massage principles, movements that ease tension in the mind and body, and some vigorous Japanese massage techniques. Each time it’s performed by one of Decleor’s therapists, a combination of the techniques Chico designed for Decleor is used to tailor the massage to an individual’s needs.

Before I got onto the bed for mine, I chose my own massage blend by sniffing a few base essential oils and choosing the scent that most appealed to me, then deciding which kind of massage I wanted from four options (I went for draining – I wanted the excess fluid wrung out of my limbs). Into a single bottle went my chosen essential oil and the draining blend, and onto me they went.

As I wanted to feel lifted and svelte, Chico focussed on pushing fluid towards my lymphs and getting my circulation going. I’m not going to lie: parts were painful. Chico had a knack for finding the puny muscles and shaking them to life (the motion sometimes reminded me of Monty when he catches and then shakes the ball in his mouth to ‘kill’ it – the fool).

The next morning, I realised why Chico is so renowned: my muscles were smooth, the small cellulite bumps that were apparent when I flexed (old age: you are cruel) were gone, and my skinny jeans did up more easily. Book yourself in if you have a big event and want to feel slinky, or just if you like bespoke things as much as I do – you won’t be disappointed.

Decleor Aroma Blend Refine & Firm Massage, £65 for 1 hour, £35 for 30 mins. To augment results, follow up with Aromessence Svelt Body Refining Oil Serum or Aroma Svelt Body Firming Oil-In-Cream.


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