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Diary, Skincare , 16 June 2016

Sassoon, Stylist & Skincare Discoveries…

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It’s been a varied and busy old few weeks in the beauty-sphere. Here’s a round up of what’s been happening this end…

Sassoon Speedy Styles / Using the (admittedly rather comprehensive – I’m an ‘everything but the kitchen sink’ girl) contents of my handbag, Sassoon’s UK Creative Director Bruce Masefield and I made a couple of videos for Marie Claire.

As I’m a bit lazy on the hair front, it was interesting to see a hairdresser eschew the usual five hundred brushes and sprays that they usually love to whip out. He fashioned two takes on two different easy styles: the bun and the half-up bun (aka Hun).

New skincare launches

Simply Brilliant Skincare / In other news, I’ve been freelancing at Stylist in the beauty team. Being in an office all day has reminded me of how important a good morning routine is – while I hardly sit around with face masks on when I’m working from home, I can still whack on another layer of serum or an extra blob of eye cream if things are feeling dry. In the office, not so much. Here are the products I’ve been relying on:

Chanel Hydra Beauty Lotion / The bottle claims this is ‘very moist’ and that ain’t no lie. The refreshing gel sits between a toner and serum, offering skin a good, proper drink. I pop it on pre-serum in the morning, though if it’s v hot and you’re prone to oiliness, this + SPF may just be a golden combination for you.

bareMinerals Skinlongevity Vital Power Infusion / bareMinerals have relaunched all their skincare and the offerings are much improved. This is a serum gel that I use in the same way as the above, though it is a little more emulsion/a little less gel so I use it on days when my skin needs a touch more slip.

Elemis Hydra-Boost Sensitive Day Cream / A whole load of yes to this cream, which is packed with skin-loving hyaluronic and antioxidants. I use this under SPF (it’s lightweight and if my skin’s feeling a bit wobbly this calms it down without overloading it). Note: moisturisers are making a definite comeback – you heard it here first.

Clinique Moisture Surge Melting Mask Balm / Well I never. This feels so thick and buttery that I thought my skin would despise it were I to slather it on. Only slather a little bit of it I did out of desperation one especially tired morning when I needed some extra help. And guess what? My skin looked f-ing brilliant all day. I now use a tiny shaving of it at night mixed in with my serum for extra plump, healthy skin in the morning (and will absolutely be taking this on holiday with me for post-sun parched skin).

Olay Total Effects Featherweight Moisturiser SPF 15 / Terrific skincare snob that I am, I was surprised at how impressed I am by this little tube of (very fairly priced) SPF. Granted, the factor is a little lower than I find agreeable, but on those dismal little sumer days when you’re mostly indoors, this is just the thing. (And, yes, very lightweight, Olay people – props to you).

Makeup for Aladdin Premier

I’ve also been doing a little a lot of make-up for others lately. My favourite of the recent crop was making up my sister for last night’s Aladdin premiere. Her boyfriend’s playing the Sultan (so make sure to cheer him on if you’ve tickets!), and she was a bit nervous so we went for confidence-lending make-up in the form of glowing skin and a Ruby Woo pout.

Four Piercings in ear

The final bit to this news bulletin: another piercing. While I consider my tastes to be pretty conservative on the old body art thing for myself, I have an unstoppable urge to pierce holes in my left ear. I have always been a bit of a compulsive ‘once you pop you can’t stop’ sort of girl, and my hole-riddled left ear is testament to the enduring nature of this character trait. Apropos to nothing, I woke last Friday morning and decided it was time for another, and with very little forethought, marched into Metal Morphosis in Topshop and demanded yet another piercing. Je ne regrette rien. Perhaps it’s time for me to move onto my right ear… Ho hum… 

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