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Skincare , 22 June 2016

Trend Alert: The Invisible SPF

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We all know we should wear SPF every day. Everyone’s written about how important it is – even me, here – and anyone with more than a passing interest in not ageing prematurely will know that it’s the single most effective anti-ageing measure you can take.

The only hurdle? Finding an SPF for you. I’m afraid two bottles both promising an SPF 30 with broad spectrum protection aren’t born equal. I know: minefield. I’ve been testing a whole lot of the newbies on the market and am on the whole very impressed*  – there’s been a distinct movement towards the primer/SPF that leaves skin looking glowing and not greasy in the slightest.

In amongst all the skin-perfecting/SPF hybrid newbies I couldn’t help but notice a mini trend – the invisible SPF. Designed to protect without any chalkiness and without casting a paleness over skin (and therefore equally as easy to wear on all skin tones), the newest development in SPF is seemingly a masterful move.

Who’s doing it well? Cover FX Clear Cover SPF 30 is impressive, smoothing on easily and leaving skin looking velvety and luminous. Murad’s year-old Invisiblur Perfecting Shield SPF 30 has been launched in a limited edition version in celebration of The Prince’s Trust 40th year, with £10 if each bottle sold to be donated to the Trust. The ‘blur’ effect the name speaks of manifests itself in the velvet finish – while it doesn’t cover like a base, it softens lines and wrinkles.

Overall, I’m a proponent of this one – if it gets people wearing SPF, great. My only reservations lie in the fact that both very much feel as if they sit on the surface of skin – brilliant if you need a little softening of wrinkles, not so much if you’re prone to acne or like to work your foundation into your skin as they bobble if rubbed.

* And will of course be posting other new findings soon.

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  • Josephine says:

    Argh! SPF- Such an IDIOT as a teenager, am full of regret. Am so worried about pigmentation. I go running all the time, outside, for many years. As I live oop north and t’s always miserable, it didn’t occur to me. But I noticed freckles, which I now fear is pigmentation. So am using spf50 every day now… I just am hoping by using it, it won’t exacerbate it… I want it to go away- it’s not awful, but I’m hoping my spf use will help

    • Mads says:

      SPF every day come rain or shine! Also at night use an AHA-based serum to slough off damage and take vit a supplements X

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