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Round-Up , 26 June 2016

A Little Beauty Happiness Blast

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What a week. Whatever side of the EU debate you sat on, emotions have been running high and – based on my Facebook feed – I’m sure you’ve seen a fair few heated exchanges. For the record, I voted in and am tremendously sad that my feelings weren’t shared by the majority, though as my dad pointed out ‘look on the bright side – you’re awfully lucky to live in a democracy.’

He’s right to focus on the positives – I suspect his attitude is not only the secret to his longevity (at 78 he still works all hours and is hugely engaged with what’s happening around him), but also the best way to approach hurdles.

My first post post-referendum is therefore in this spirit – beauty may not be that serious and will only sometimes change your life (LM Secret Camouflage – I’m looking at you), but it is a source of much joy. Rather than the usual single-product Sunday Buy post, here’s a bundle of great buys aka my stab at throwing some much-needed levity into the world today…

Pom Pom Pedicure

The Pom Pom Pedicure / I’ll break this one down into constituent parts. The pom pom sandals are by Mabu by Maria BK and are possibly the best shoes ever if you’re aiming to make friends/meet prospective boyfriends; when I wear them, people come up to talk to me all the time. If you’re on the market, I suggest making a quick purchase in time to shake your pom poms during the summer.

Next, the pedi bit. It happened at a PR event for Prismologie (yes, yes, yes to their Foot Cream with Oud and Sapphire – if they made a perfume version, I’d wear it on many of my days on this earth) held at Cowshed. It isn’t as comprehensive as the Margaret Dabbs medi pedi, but for a tidy up and paint job, it gets two thumbs up. While I’ll still be making my bi-annual pilgrimage to MD to deal with ingrowns, pre-events, this will be the one I go for.

Zelens Lip Oil Review

Lip Oils Are Still Going Strong / Oh I love being right. More than being right, I love being unchapped of lip. And that’s what lip oils offer: serious moisture, a little flattering sheen and much, much freedom from chaps, flaking and tightness in the lip area. My newest discovery is Zelens Lip Treatment Oil and it’s a new high – infused with 9 plant oils, it is by far the most lightweight and potent of the oils I’ve tried to date.

Urban Decay Vice Lipsticks Review

Urban Decay Vice Lipstick SwatchesUrban Decay Vice Lipsticks in (l to r): Firebird, Big Bang, Backtalk, 714, Pandemonium.

Urban Decay Goes In (Too) Hard On The Lipstick Front / The warfare language in that title is actually very fitting – Urban Decay made a spectacularly poor error of judgement and launched 100 Vice lipsticks this month in (horribly realistic) bullet form. I’ve veered away from judging these by their packaging and so should you: the range is comprehensive and the quality very high indeed in terms of colour payoff. Creamy matte Backtalk looks bloody marvellous with a smoky eye.

Miller Harris Etui Noir and Lumiere Doree Review

Ghost and Miller Harris Do Perfume Very Well / Ghost is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine – I used to wear the original when I first fell in love at school and it pulls me right back to that time with each wear. Their latest – Ghost Whitelight – has a similar nostalgic draw for me. Emotions aside, it’s an inoffensive floral containing jasmine, violet, patchouli and good old fashioned vanilla.

If you’re looking for something more sophisticated, Miller Harris are always a good bet. Their newest duo – Lumiere Doree Eau de Parfum and Etui Noir Eau de Parfum take the perfume road less travelled: orange, neroli and vetiver-infused Lumiere Doree is designed to be worn during the day, Etui Noir (smoky with notes of incense, cashmere wood, patchouli and leather) at night. Personally, I’m a fan of the former, though I think they’re both deserving of a little sniff – Etui Noir would smell fantastic on warm summer skin.

Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser Review

Dermalogica Have Rescued My Skin / I’ve been at Stylist all week and my skin has been a bit ropey thanks to the rain/sun/wind/pollution it’s been assaulted by. I recently cracked open Dermalogica Ultracalming Cleanser and it’s been a godsend. Completely different to my usual balms, this gel/cream is cooling and far less thick than my other favourite cleansing unguents. I use it in the same fashion, though – a first application removed with cotton pads to take make-up off, and a second removed with a flannel soaked in warm water to cleanse.

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