Waxing at Aveda Institute Holborn Review

Hair Removal , 30 June 2016

The Review (Spoiler: Rapturous) / Waxing At The Aveda Institute, Holborn

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Waxing is the single arena in beauty in which I’m willing to take no chances whatsoever. I’ve weathered bad manis, bad facials and bad hairdos, but am completely and utterly unwilling to grin and bear a bad wax.

I believe this aversion may in no small part be due to the time I visited a one-woman salon in a waxing emergency (aka hot date, no appointments anywhere else) and had to grit my teeth through the agony of her attempting to deforest me with a strange rollerball device. After the pain (not to mention the redness that said wax of hell left in its wake), I only booked into places I knew to be beyond reproach.

For years I bounced between Strip and Ministry of Waxing with the odd laser session at home or with Teresa in between. I’ve now added a new place to my repertoire: the Aveda Institute. More specifically, I’ve added a woman who works at Aveda to my preferred waxers. She goes by the name Vanya and the recommendation actually isn’t mine at all – during my stint at Stylist, Beauty Director Joanna McGarry told me Vanya is her go-to for her speedy hands.

With a plum recommendation like that I of course booked in immediately. Joanna is absolutely right – Vanya is speedy, whipping off in 30 minutes what it usually takes other waxers 45 minutes to conquer. A side blessing – her technique is markedly less painful than any I’ve tried before. I asked her about this and her response (in gloriously rich, bubbly Serbian-accented English) was this: ‘I never treat two people the same – I’ve been doing this for years and I always look at the size of the patch, the kind of skin, where it may be sensitive – this is an art!’ Done her way, it sure is.

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