Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs Review

Skincare , 3 July 2016

The Beauty Insider Favourite: Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs

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For as long as I’ve worn make-up, I’ve struggled to stop concealer nestling into the little creases* under my eyes. It may be one of the lesser problems in my life, sure, but it is nonetheless a source of consternation. Before you even think it: I have considered using a dryer concealer, but I’m still into the glow thing and find that without a moisturising formula the wrinkles look considerably more pronounced.

Other under-eye specific issues I have: darkness (a result of keeping absurd hours when in the midst of a good box set marathon/Elvis film sesh), dryness (simultaneously to the whole slipping concealer thing – wonders never cease!), and that feeling of hot exhaustion that accompanies long days spent sat at a computer.

To combat the above, I’ve found serums that are designed to be patted on over make-up and little concealers with which to touch make-up up, but now I believe I’ve found the zenith of under-eye products, the magic stick that both makes eyes feel less fatigued and look more sprightly.

The Embryolisse Secret de Maquilleurs stick looks a lot like one of those sun sticks you take up into mountains to stop your nose from burning, but the similarities end there. This is instantly cooling – not sticky or thick – and doesn’t leave even a whisper of whiteness to betray its use. It gives just enough moisture to pad out wrinkles, but not so much that make up is turned into a greasy mush. Even more astonishingly, the bits of concealer that bed into my wrinkles climb out and lay flat under my eyes when I apply it.

It now has a permanent place in my handbag – I slip it on when my eyes feel hot and bothered at my desk, or at the end of the day when concealer’s migrated and I’m tired and boiling and really don’t fancy the commute home.

One problem with this one – it’s a bit hard to track down. I got hold of mine in one of those tiny pharmacies on Edgware Road that stock a huge range of things despite being tight on space, but I’ve linked to somewhere you can buy it above. Failing that, have a google – it should cost around £20.

*This is a euphemism. I now have full-blown wrinkles and am battening down the hatches in the form of mega skincare to try to stave off the inevitable decline into wrinkleville for as long as possible.

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