Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick Review

Make-up , 20 July 2016

Rimmel London + Kate Moss = The Lipstick Collection Of The Summer

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… And she’s done it again! Last summer, the Kate Moss for Rimmel nudes collection was pretty much all I wore on my lips and I suspect the next few months will similarly be all about the Moss.

The background: to mark 15 years of Kate Moss’s partnership with Rimmel, three reds and three nude lipsticks have been launched (and some nail polishes in reds and nudes too, but they’re a bit meh in my opinion).

Best thing about these? They all look like Mossy actually wears them – let’s face it, when you’re buying something with her name on you want to borrow a bit of her trademark cool. Here’s the breakdown //

Kate Moss Rimmel 15 Years Lipstick

l to r: 54 Rock ‘N’ Roll Nude, 55 My Nude, 56 Boho Nude

The Nudes //

Rock ‘N’ Roll Nude / Kate calls this ‘the perfect nude to wear on a night out – you can’t go wrong if you pair it with a dark smokey eye.’ She’s right – it contains a pinky undertone to warm up the face and offset dark eyes and a bit of bronzer.

My Nude / ‘My favourite classic nude shade.’ I suspect I may join Kate on this one – it’s just warm enough to warm up skin and can be paired with pretty much any other look (though I love it with a retro flick).

Boho Nude / Well of course there had to be a nod to Kate’s love of festivals and her favourite boho look. She says: ‘this is perfect for day events like a wedding or music festival.’

Kate Moss Red Lipsticks Rimmel

l to r: 52 Idol Red, 51 Muse Red, 53 Retro Red

The Reds //

Idol Red / Kate calls this edgy, I call this fiery red with a nice helping of orange perfection – if I had to choose one out of the six, this would be it. If your skin can take it (mine can when bronzed slightly and highlighted), it looks brilliant.

Muse Red / This is a true red – a ‘dressing up in your mum’s clothes’ red. Classic. Bit old school. Sexy. Kate refers to it as her ‘night out’ red.

Retro Red / This is the gutsiest of the shades. The deep, purple-red is vintage-inspired and makes the lips the big feature. Pair with dishevelled hair and glossy skin to keep it looking modern.

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