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Fashion , 21 July 2016

Two Shoes I’d Never Step Foot On A Plane Without

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Footwear and I have a chequered history. I’ve previously alluded to my blind spot and blind indeed it still is – I only yesterday tried to convince hubs that glorified bejewelled Birkenstocks by Givenchy were a sound investment for £200+.

I’ve also owned blue rubber chunky trainers (‘the boats’ to pals), knee-high silver Barberella-style boots complete with a silver-plated heel and toecaps, and beige sandals that seemed practical but resembled orthopaedic shoes so closely that I was often asked which op I’d had when wearing.

There’s a silver lining to my lack of shoe nous: I have chosen – and understand the value of –  comfort. My feet rarely suffer blisters, I sleep soundly in the knowledge that bunions I am not a-forming, and aches south of my ankle are a rarity.

As travelling is uniquely stressful and I know that anyone who’s walked their feet raw will never want to repeat the ordeal, here are two shoes that are extradordinarily comfy and practical (I think they’re pretty too, but I concede that this isn’t my area of expertise)… //

Holistic Silk Slippers

Holistic Silk Massaging Slippers / The rubber soles of these contain magnets and little rubber nubs that gently encourage circulation and offer a little reflexology massage action while wearing. I always slip them on during plane journeys to help reduce the old lower leg puff.

Vibram Furoshiki Review

Vibram Furoshiki / Think the comfort of a slipper with the seriously quality sole of a hiking boot and you’ll understand why I always travel with these. Also: they fold up into a little handbag-friendly bag.


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