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Skincare , 24 July 2016

Bargain Buy: Senspa Pure Luxe Serum In Oil

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Bargain central here at the moment: on Friday I showed you the Tili box, and today I’ve sniffed out a serum at under £10. I. KNOW.

Made by Senspa and sold in Waitrose, the Pure Luxe Serum In Oil that is the subject of this week’s outstanding buy is teeming with skin-loving ingredients from sweet almond oil to barrier-reinforcing glycerin.

Pop it on after cleansing both morning and night and expect more moisture/less crepiness/fewer wrinkles. If you have time, give it a massage – doing so will increase blood flow to your skin and help the goodness to penetrate more deeply.

It’s not weightless and doesn’t instantly disappear (that’s the oil bit), but as a one-step pre-SPF/night cream it’s absolutely perfect and I am, quite frankly, astounded to find it at this plum price.

Short and sweet though that was, I’d better dash – I’m in Switzerland and the smell of raclette is reaching my nose…

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