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Bookshelf, Diary , 5 August 2016

Life Notes / A Little Chit Chat

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This post is winging its way to your screen from Portugal, where the sky and sea are currently trying to outblue one another. While I know that it’s pretty poor form to gleefully proclaim that I’m on holiday with the full knowledge that most of you will be surreptitiously reading this from your work screens (those stats, they don’t lie – midday is a popular time in these quarters), I do so today without the slightest twinge of guilt – before I left, I was pulling silly hours at work and thus feel fine about spending a few days lying prone beachside. Before I left, I did these in any free pockets of time //

Madeleine Bourdouxhe Marie

Read a LOT / …But nothing highbrow. After finding a copy of Santa Montefiore’s Songs of Love & War on my desk, I decided to give it a chance and ended up tearing through it and its successor in about ten days. Think soap opera set in a castle, and you’ll understand why I am looking forward to the release of the final book in the trilogy. In the interim, I’m reading Madeleine Bourdouxhe’s Marie, which tells the story of a married woman who goes from apathetic to enervated after meeting a young man on holiday. I’m only a few chapters in but I suspect the torrid affair won’t end well…

Got The Chop / My new lob was a bit of a whim – I was interviewing Luke Hersheson, he mentioned the architecture of a good haircut and how he trained his team to think of structure, I was all curiosity, and the next thing I knew I was trotting into the Harvey Nics branch of Hersheson’s to see Shelly for a good old trim. After a little chat about texture (key when cutting hair), we decided to do something a little jazzier. Et voila:

Hersheson Harvey Nichols Hair Cut

Wrote Elsewhere / I keep referring to the work I’m doing and thought it about time I linked to some of it. SO, okay. First: Stylist, which is only in print (I’ll post tears in the freelance section when I’m back). I’ve made the first of a series of ‘SOS Skin’ videos for Marie Claire in which we ask a tester to tell us whether they rate a skincare range – click here to watch. Also, L’Oreal have asked me to write some columns for them – click here to read. Finally, I penned something on bargain beauty tips for The Lighthouse Co – click here to read.

Graubunden, Switzerland

Saw Some Of Switzerland / Saw is the appropriate verb – I went on a press trip to the canton of Graubunden on a press trip and spent an awful lot of time soaking up the views from the train – Graubunden is a huge region and if you want to see a lot of it, you’ve got to be happy to give up a few hours to travel between places. During the bits on foot, I came to find that Graubunden is astoundingly beautiful and I’m looking forward to sharing the article in due course (but if you’re keen on hiking and fresh air, it’s a pretty safe bet – Riom and Sent were my favourite villages).

Started To Tackle ‘Magical Thinking’ / I continue to chip away at the old panic thing, and have recently found myself battling ‘magical thinking’; the belief that one event happens as a result of another without any logical link between the two. This is commonly known as superstition, though magical thinking takes it a step further, marrying entirely unconnected events and planting the idea of a relationship between the two so deeply in the mind that one cannot occur without the other. My current mental mission: to untie silly bundles of beliefs that tie theatre to throat itch and exhaustion to nausea.


Continued to obsessively use Snapchat / Snapchat is precisely the kind of throwaway social media platform I’d usually deride and yet it has me in its thrall: the ease of posting an unedited picture, the fun of seeing what people are up to in real time, the amount of products I can waffle on about without worrying about saturating my feed (everything’s deleted after 24 hours!)… I’m a convert (you’ll find me under @madeleineloves).

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