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Round-Up , 6 August 2016

The Saturday Smorgasbord #4

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Beauty products that do two things successfully are JOYS. Moisturisers containing SPFs, foundation infused with serum, body creams that also target pigmentation: doubling up in is unsurprisingly having a moment in the sun. This Saturday Lust List is a paean to products that do a little more…

Begu Tea //

It / Is a very good herbal tea brand that I’ve been drinking a lot of lately. Calm (before bed) and crave (when I’m a bit peckish but it isn’t yet mealtime) are firm favourites.

And also / These can be used to aid diet efforts – Begu teas come with tips on how to avoid noshing around and, were you to splash out on all the teas, you’d have something to drink at every possible period of hunger or boredom throughout the day.

Ecoya Lemongrass & Ginger Natural Soy Fragranced Candle //

It / Fills the room with the freshest, most moreish blend of lemongrass, ginger and mint imaginable.

And also / Won’t damage your health – the jury is still out on whether paraffin wax is a carcinogen, but I’d prefer to steer clear where possible. This one’s made of soy wax so is a safe bet.

Too Faced Lip Injection Glossy Plumping Lip Gloss in Spice Girl //

It / Is the perfect glossy nude – not too dead, not too pink. I like to layer it over Kate Moss’s latest Rimmel efforts to add a bit of juice to my lips.

And also / It really does make lips look plumper by enhancing circulation. Note: this means it tingles/stings for the duration of wear and sometimes makes you feel like you’ve lost a little lip control (just me? possibly…). Out in Sept.

Clean Reserve perfume and Tribe517 Balm

Clean Reserve Smoked Vetiver Scent //

It / Is hugely evocative, calling clean, sexy, smokiness to mind (does that conjure up an olfactory image for you?! It works for me)… In terms of notes, I smell myrrh, vetiver, peony and a hint of bergamot.

And also / Doubles up as a diffuser! Seriously – the wooden lid just needs a squirt every week or so to throw scent into a room.

Tribe517 //

It / Is a rich balm that turns into a soft cream on application to deliver a whammy of anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antioxidant, repairing actives to the skin.

And also / Well, it does everything. It removes make-up, acts as a serum, will heal a cut/spot/blister/scab… It also makes for a delightful lip balm. Out in Sept.

Dr Jackson’s Body Perfecting Gel //

It / Won’t only moisturise, it’ll also make your skin look more even thanks to proper skincare ingredients – think the sort of stuff you usually put on your face (sea buckthorn oil, carrot seed oils, baobab seed oil…) suspended in a lightweight gel instead.

And also / It is bloomin’ cooling – I slip this over my hot limbs after a day out and feel instantly refreshed.

Sundried Activewear //

It / Provides comfort while also doing all the things you want your sports kit to do: hold things up and in, not wriggle around, sit cleverly so as to slightly disguise the fact that you’re wearing lycra in public (dear. God.).

And also / Sundried are into the right stuff: their clothes are hand made in Portugal, they promise that their production line is without waste or ridiculous carbon emissions, and 5% of revenue is donated to Water for Kids.

Niod Flavanode Mud

Filorga Optim-Eyes Lotion Eye Make-Up Remover Serum //

It / Removes make-up (including waterproof stuff!) gently with the bi-phase lotion.

And also / This is the clever bit – the lotion has been infused with peptides, which will strengthen lashes and make eyes less prone to sensitivity.

Niod Flavanone Mud //

It / Will decongest skin gently without disturbing or stripping the skin barrier which, as you probably know by now from my harping on about it, will only make spots worse. Lots of impressive science behind this one – read all about it here.

And also / Helps to boost the circulation of the skin, so you don’t only get clearer skin, but also more of a glow.

OM Revitalising Beauty Booster //

It / Supercharges any existing skincare products in your routine with a blend of hydrating hyaluronic acid, antioxidant-rich vitamin C, and soothing orange water.

And also / Elevates the mood – OM is an organic brand that’s dedicated to pleasing the skin and senses simultaneously. This blend aims to reduce anxiety and lift the mood.

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