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Skincare , 7 August 2016

Yes To These Next Gen Face Mists

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Face mists/sprays/toners/whatever-you-want-to-call-them are my constant companions come rain or shine (though especially in the case of shine). While I stand by the mists listed in this post, I thought I’d update you with some current faves which all boast impressive skincare ingredients //

For The Calm / Emma Hardie Plump & Glow Hydrating Face Mist // Containing Aloe Vera, Wild Watermint, Velvet Flower, lichen, moss and fern extracts, everything in this mist will take down redness, inject hydration and generally make skin a happier place.

For Brightness / Melvita Nectar De Roses Hydrating Milky Mist // This won’t lift pigmentation per se, but it will make skin slightly more uniform thanks to the whack of hydrating glycerins and waters that’ll plump out skin and make light bounce off it better and, over time, the rosa damascena oil will help to regulate the formation of pigmentation.

For Hydration / Niod Superoxide Dismutase Saccharide Mist // Sugar eaten = bad for skin. Put on the face = very good news – it attracts and binds water. It also wards off oxidation so will go some way to protect your skin from the ravages of pollution/stress/sleep deprivation etc…

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