Ila Aroma Rollers Review

Scent, Wellbeing , 14 August 2016

Aromatherapy Made Simple: Ila Aroma Rollers

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Ila’s Aroma Roller has joined the hall of fame this end*. I’ve struggled to define this newbie clearly; each of the three blends truly sit somewhere between perfume and aromatherapy product (perfume = scent to please self momentarily and make one more fragrant to please others throughout the day; aromatherapy = mood booster/treatment).

I suppose which bracket these organic oils fall under doesn’t really matter either way – the interplay between scent and mood ois by now well-established and Ila aren’t the first to make such a hybrid scent/aromatherapy product.

They are, however, one of the first to make one that does both so well. The Vital Energy Aroma Roller, for example, is zingy and instantly uplifting while steering clear of the saccharine sickliness lots of perfumes that doff their hat at lemony tip into.

Ila Aroma Roller in Vital ENergy

Also well worth noting is the difference between quality oils and perfumes that rely on alcohol to diffuse scent. The former behave differently on the skin, lingering for longer and using the heat of the body to slowly and surely release bundles of scent that envelop the body. The entire affair from application to wearing is more sensual and decadent. If that sort of thing sounds up your alley, get buying.

* Currently comprised of Aromatherapy Associates Breathe Essence, De Mamiel Altitude Oil and H Gillerman Stress Remedy.

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  • Lisa says:

    I love the idea of something between aromatherapy and perfume! I’ve never been a fan of very strongly scented perfumes; I’ve always preferred lighter scents. If something is too strong, it can give me a headache :/

    • Mads says:

      I know exactly what you mean – I’m okay with some but some perfumes give me a terrible headache too. These are a great alternative.

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