Minna Parikka Trainers Review

Fashion , 27 August 2016

Hopping Mad / The Trainers That Are Bestowing Endless Joy This End

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About ten years ago, I went to stay with a friend in New York. She’s a cellist and therefore was often occupied with practising or performing, leaving me to my own devices. During that trip, I discovered that New York is a city that lends itself enormously well to solitary pursuits, and while she mastered Mozart, I strolled, ducked my head into museums, ate an outrageous number of Whoopie Pies, and went to the cinema (if ever at a loose end in New York, do this – the audience actually applauded at the end of the film, which to me was like being in a film).

Between occupying myself with those worthy pursuits, I one day spied some sparkly ballet shoes winking at me from the window of Marc Jacobs, did a little calculation that told me I absolutely couldn’t afford them, and promptly bought them. It was impossible to resist – they were gold, glitter-covered shoes – a modern day Dorothy slipper. Far fewer Whoopie Pies were consumed thereafter to conserve cash, and my strolls were also shorter on account of the blisters the leather left behind. I felt it was a fair enough: I had sparkly gold slippers and was in New York so, as Ella once sang, I reasoned that into every life some rain must fall.

Minna Parikka SHoes

Until last week, I had to don those now slightly scuffed ballet slippers or my PVC glittery raincoat whenever the magpie in me fancied an outing in glitter, but I now have a new source of joy in the form of these Minna Parikka bunny rabbit shoes. Aesthetically, they’re clever things: sparkly with a bunny tail to thrill anyone who shares my childish predilections, but also leg lengthening on account of the bunny ears forming a pointed ankle. They’re comfy (hallelujah to folk like Minna who pioneer the jazzy flat), and can be paired with evening dresses when it’s time to hit the dance floor (I plan to do exactly this at my friend Jenna’s wedding next weekend).

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