DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack Review

Skincare , 29 August 2016

The Edit / Summer Skincare

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Six. A mere six of these. Not many at all, given that a new skincare product seems to launch about every five seconds and this year was an especially skincare-heavy summer given that ‘the look’ is now glowing, plump skin that high maintenance suggests. As always, I spent a good portion of time slathering myself in all the products so you don’t have to discover you’ve made a dud purchase. These made it onto my face and into my affections this summer //

Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover Review

Simple Dual Effect Eye Make-Up Remover / Spendy eye make-up removers are wholly unnecessary luxuries (that is not to say I don’t like them – you know my feelings on luxury…). This dual-phase eye make-up remover does the job as well as any (and much better than some). Shake it up to mix the micellar with the oils, soak the centre of a cotton pad and press – don’t wipe – to remove the bulk of eye make-up.

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Serum Review

Elemis Dynamic Resurfacing Serum / The experts agree (finally!) on this one point: exfoliation is best done often and gently. enter this Elemis serum, which will gently loosen the bonds between dead skin and kickstart the renewal process. I saw results after a week (my skin looked smoother and acne scars less visible), but Elemis say it can take up to a month for results to show so don’t be put off. Remember to apply a sunscreen every morning while you’re using this (and beyond!).

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack Review

DHC Rich Eye Zone Care Pack / Containing six eye packs that bolster the skin with a blend of hyaluronic and peptides, this pack is enormously good value for money. While I remain a stoic fan of the Institut Esthederm Eye Patches, these are contenders to the top spot, especially as they have a little section that goes on top of the eyes too for a little firming goodness in the saggy zone.

Yes To Coconut Creme Cleanser Review

Yes To Coconut Creme Cleanser / Another thrifty buy, this gentle cleanser is basically like a creamy coconut whip that smells like holidays and doesn’t irritate skin. It makes for a gentle morning cleanse and could be used as a first cleanse to remove make-up or a second to clean skin in the evening. Note: it doesn’t offer a good base for massage as it doesn’t offer a lot of slip, but that may be a plus for those of you who don’t like thick balms on your skin.

Sjal Orbe Eye Contour Creme  Review

Sjal Orbe Eye Contour Creme / Sjal’s USP is their use of gemstones and minerals to ‘supercharge’ the other ingredients. In this case, they are effective in and of themselves – iron, magnesium, zinc and copper all strengthen and revive tired skin. Combined with the plant extracts, this is a great all-round eye treatment. FYI: the formula isn’t new but the packaging is – the cream used to be housed in a jar (not ideal for anything with active ingredients).

Elemis Sweet Orchid Collection Collectio

Elemis Sweet Orchid Body Collection / I couldn’t write this without including the new body collection by Elemis – especially as I’ve promised to be a little more vocal about caring for body skin. Three here: a Monoi Body Oil, Hand & Nail Cream, and Body Cream – all in this warming floral that could act as a first layer of fragrance while leaving skin very soft indeed.

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