Diane von Furstenburg Dress Review

Fashion , 5 September 2016

My Safe Bet / Dresses by Diane von Furstenburg

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“I design for the woman who loves being a woman.” Diane von Furstenburg

I used to think it terribly sophisticated when duchesses and wives-of-somebodies being interviewed in glossy magazines claimed to have rules pertaining to fashion. “I only wear diamonds on weekdays,” I once read, along with “dresses by Givenchy, heels by Manolo,” by another impossibly sleek creature quoted on the very same page. I felt they must hold some arcane knowledge to which I’d never be privy.

Reader, I have joined their ranks. While I may not be overly discerning about diamonds (wear them all, all at once is my maxim), after some trial and many errors, I now favour dresses by Diane von Furstenburg for big occasions and firmly suggest you put her on your radar if you like to feel a bit feminine, a bit sleeker than you really are, and a little swishy when you hit the dance floor.

Cheap her dresses ain’t, though I have found I wear them time and again for their fit and sheer ease – I bought the above orange dress I’m wearing by her in 2008. See below for other dresses of hers I’ve worn over the years (in snapshots from events – sorry they’re not clearer but I was having far too good a time to ask someone to take a photo of me getting my pose on). As you can probably tell, the price per wear model of buying works for me… //

The orange Diane von Furstenburg dress / Bought 2008, pictured this summer / Shoes By Yves Saint Laurent //

Diane von Furstenburg Dress

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

Yves Saint Laurent Shoes

… And pictured in 2009 //

Orange Dress

… And 2008 //

DVT dress

The white Diane von Furstenburg dress (I’m on the right pulling an attractive face) / Bought 2007, pictured this weekend //

White Diane Von Furstenburg Dress

… And in 2008 //

White DVF Dress

The Black and White Diane von Furstenburg Dress / Bought 2015, pictured last summer //

Diane von Furstenburg Black and White Dress

Diane von Furstenburg Dress



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