Eyelashes by Daxita Review

Make-up, Spa , 13 September 2016

A Flutter with Lash Extensions / Daxita At Atherton Cox

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The first time I had lash extensions applied by Daxita Vaghela was in 2011 prior to my London wedding. I decided after a couple of days that they weren’t for me – I have an aversion to the sensation of anything glued on (even false nails irk me), and accordingly pulled at the lashes after the big day until they came off – taking my own ones with them.

Despite the unfortunate conclusion to the episode, I never quite stopped yearning for another set. My eyes had looked impossibly big and shiny when framed with such a dark, lustrous curtain of lashes and my make-up took all of two minutes – and looked a hell of a lot better than usual without any mascara flakes or clumps.

I was prompted to book in again a couple of months ago after scrolling through instagram and seeing Alessandra Steinherr’s newly-extended lashes. They were pleasingly fluttery and made her eyes look huge. Daxita had done them. Around the same time, Sali Hughes had a twitter exchange in which she claimed Daxita was the only woman who’d service her lashes.

Seeing the beauty cognoscenti champion Daxita’s lashes coupled with the fact that she now offers Russian Lashes (mega lightweight and, like the other sort she works with, synthetic so I didn’t have to worry about animals being mistreated for my lashes) – was enough to set off an episode of FOMO, so in the spirit of experimentation, I decided to have another bash at falsies.

In the appointment, Daxita scrutinised my face, asking what my lashes did naturally (sat straight as rods), how I’d like them to look (not fake), and what I wanted my eyes to look like with them on (slightly bigger, nicely framed).

On went the lashes in a speedy hour – bonding single lash to single lash is a famously lengthy process and most therapists take up to three hours for a full set – and I was delighted when handed the mirror: they looked extended, but not silly in the slightest. With make-up on, my eyes looked outrageously big and I found myself experimenting with wearing virtually no eye make-up as it simply wasn’t needed.

The real test lay in their longevity – for most people, lashes fall out around the four-week mark. Could I make it there without fiddling them off? Given that it’s been two weeks now and I’ve had no urge to rid myself of even one, I’m going to predict that these lashes will hang around. In fact, I’m toying with the idea of booking in for infills…


You’ll Need To Switch Your Cleanser / Anything oil-based is out the window – it breaks the bonds between the fake lash and your own. Instead, try something like Simple Eye Make-Up Remover, which contains no oil whatsoever.

You’ll Also Have To Change Your Cleansing Technique / You can’t wipe at your eyes as you’ll tug at the lashes. I take a cotton pad, fold it in two and sweep it over my eyelid, before moving closer to my lash line with a cotton bud soaked in remover. I then just apply my usual cleanser to the rest of my face and remove it with a warm flannel.

Make-Up Techniques Also Need An Update / Mega fluttery lashes will change the way your eye looks and probably your make-up needs, too. I’ve found I now look best with a little foundation, a sweep of blush and a little champagne-coloured shadow.

But Whatever You Do… / … Don’t sleep with your eyes crushed into your arm (this pushes at the lashes) or rub your eyes – I’ve done both and neither are comfortable!


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