Estee Lauder The Estee Edit CocoBalm

Make-up , 18 September 2016

The Estee Edit CocoBalm Coconut Oil Infused Lip Gloss = All The Yeses

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I thought I was done with lip balms. Between By Terry Baume de Rose, Clarins Lip Oil, and Laura Mercier Infusion de Rose Lip Balm, I believed I had all bases covered – the first is unbelievably nourishing, the second gives me a light gloss and moisture, the third is the perfect non-greasy pre-bed lip balm.

Then the Estee Edit CocoBalm Coconut Oil Infused Lip Gloss landed on my desk, and I thought hang on; I haven’t yet found the perfect handbag lip balm – and this could be it. It turns out that that is precisely what this number is: the lip companion of dreams when out and about.

The Estee Edit CocoBalm Coconut Oil Infused Lip Gloss Review

The first thing that made me think of flinging this in my handbag was the packaging – it’s plastic and lightweight, though the fancy design begs to be handled and admired (truly: every time I pull this out some admiring by my companions happens).

What’s within is equally as good – a coconut oil-infused and therefore terrifically moisturising and deliciously-scented balm that imparts a wash of sheer, juicy colour and isn’t sticky or gloopy. The dispenser also makes it one for on-the-go – just squeeze the belly of the balm and a pearl appears on the slanted tip, so all you have to do is swipe and rub your lips together for an even coating – no mirror or finger-smudging required.

Estee Lauder The Estee Edit CocoBalm

I’ve not yet mentioned my favourite thing about this balm, perhaps out of embarrassment – the reason isn’t very professional nor does it really lend anything to this review, but as honesty is this blog’s currency, I shall duly divulge.

As a child, you see, my sister and I had a madness for anything see-through. Three prized samples from our collection: a PVC beach bag with a front panel that contained a liquid ocean and plastic surfers; myriad transparent stickers, some of which contained sequins, others more prosaic plastic details such as shells and sand, and – best of all – a long plastic wand half filled with glitter that we procured at Disney World (she still won’t let me ‘play’ with this one).

Surrounding the balmy centre of this CocoBalm is a see-through panel that reminds me of the simple pleasure of playing with the above three. Whenever I whip it out, I’m suddenly six-years-old, wearing a T-shirt that changes colour when you blow on it and ALL my mum’s costume jewellery, playing with a plastic wand full of magical glitter. And I’m reminded that these sorts of small joys really aren’t insignificant in the slightest.

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