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Round-Up , 24 September 2016

The Saturday Smorgasbord #5

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This Lust List is a very mixed bag indeed. From the thrill of finding chocolate designed to make skin glow to the best lip product I’ve found this year via the liquid-repellent I’m hoping will save my satin shoes, here are the things you should be stockpiling now //

Jo Malone Red Roses

Jo Malone Red Roses / This scent is a perennial favourite. Those of you who’ve read my fragrance reviews will know that a floral lifted out of cloying by the helping hand of citrus is about my favourite olfactory thing, ever. This is precisely that – a blend of rose and violent, sliced through with lemon, sweetened with a little honeycomb. It makes me think of gardens fresh with dew and shafts of sunlight trickling through the trees.

Exuviance Retexturing Treatment / I’m often asked about keratosis pilaris (those bumps that appear on the backs of arms and sometimes on chests/legs/back), and always come back to the same advice: exfoliation. Whether you do it with a body brush, a little scrub or with an AHA-based product, you must slough off dead skin to reduce blockages and bumps. Apply the same maxim to skin that’s now parched from the sun – exfoliation (plus moisturiser) is key. Want an easy does-it-all product? Step in this number, which combines both a Glycolic Acid (a teeny tiny AHA that can penetrate pores) and vitamin E and shea to unclog while also softening. Note: it smells a little like vinegar, so maybe don’t make this your pre-date unguent of choice.

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo Review

Soigne Botanique Nail Polish in Ikat / Some may say that bright nails are the preserve of summer, but I wouldn’t dream of applying such a tired old rule to beauty: a little pop of pink can work wonders on enlivening skin and boosting the mood (you look at your nails far more often than your face after all). This polish has a little more mystery to it than your average bright – rather than simply being a dazzling fuscia, closer inspection reveals a little shot of deep raspberry that sets it apart from it’s peers.

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo (available here imminently) / Cementing his place as my favourite purveyor of make-up, TF’s new lipstick/liner sticks are brilliant. On the one side, a bullet of lipstick with a head that’s slightly smaller than the norm and therefore makes for easy precision. On the other, a liner that is ever-so-slightly lighter in hue, the idea being that this makes lips look subtly fuller and invariably not too try hard. I love these and will be trying furiously to procure every shade (but for now highly recommend Devil Inside for a feisty orange-red or Show It Off – pictured – for a 90s nude).

Moisturising Hair Products

L’Oreal Nutrifier Glycerol + Coco Oil Shampoo and Conditioner Neal + Wolf Velvet Nourishing Hair OilSHOW Beauty Moisture Treatment Mask / My hair is understandably a little upset at having been styled and restyled for the Marie Claire videos I made last weekend. I’m employing age-old wisdom to undo the damage and treating it to moisture and protein. These three are doing the job admirably well.

Aveda Damage Remedy Split End Repair (available here imminently) /… And then there’s this newbie, which is a slightly different beast. Effectively a hair reconstructor, the quinoa-derived proteins in this seal split ends, stopping the damage from migrating up the hair shaft. In terms of application, I think of it as a hair moisturiser – i.e. you apply it to dry hair and it absorbs, leaving no trace of its existence bar slightly healthier-looking hair. Michael Lendon at Aveda showed me how to target just split ends if you want to be precise by twisting a section of hair and massaging a little bit into any strands that stick out.

YuYo Herbal Tea

YuYo Roobois Rewind & Restore Teas / It is always tea time in the Spencer household, but I’m afraid that should you pop in for a cup that your choices are rather limited to herbal teas as I don’t agree with caffeine and hubs is trying to kick the habit. That’s not to suggest we’re going to serve up some insipid straw-coloured water. Oh no: you’ll get a cup of something containing an infusion or blend. The bags will often say zeitgeist-y things on them like ‘ecofriendly’ and ‘recyclable.’ It’s a hipsters paradise. Currently on the menu: YuYo teas, for both their yummy flavour and the fact that they come in fancy bags with women wearing dazzling face paints on the front – they must’ve had me in mind when branding…

Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate / Good quality dark chocolate when consumed within reason is often purported to have beauty benefits – but is this just a bunch of balls? Apparently not – the antioxidants and polyphenols found in dark chocolate help fight damage and slow the ageing process.

With this in mind, Esthechoc have cleverly decided to market their chocolate as a beauty product, wrapping each tiny bar (think After Eight-sized) individually to hammer home the idea that these are meant to be a treat that’s not designed to be inhaled in a sitting of Game of Thrones.

If eaten in this measured way, you can expect your skin to glow a little more thanks to the whammy of antioxidants (they’ve packed each bar with the same amount of astaxanthin antioxidant that you’d find in a fillet of wild salmon), and polyphenols. Eat more, and I’m afraid the sugar will cancel out any of the benefits – though I suspect the price of the box will discourage gorging…

Liquiproof review

Liquiproof Protector / So prosaic, but as living in drizzly old England does sad things to fancy shoes, I felt it an important inclusion. This spray essentially forms an invisible seal over leather/suede/nubuck/whatever your shoes are made out of, repelling water and thereby saving shoes from accruing that annoying darker tip that is the result of splashing though puddles and mud.

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