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Fashion , 15 October 2016

An OOTD That’s All About Being Comfy

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I recently met a proper fashion blogger. She was lovely. Looked great. Cared a LOT about how she looked in the clothing department. We were working together, she on fashion, me on make-up, and I realised that though I have feelings about clothes* and can therefore wax on about them, I am also a practical creature, and this trait inhibits my fashion efforts and, by extension, my ability to write fashion-y blog posts.

Not that I mind in the slightest. I still enjoy coveting, buying, wearing, assembling, photographing, and writing about clothes etc., and knowing that I don’t have the ability to sustain standing in heels for longer than five hours (how do those people do it?), or desire to freeze my shoulders/knees/lower back in the name of style has never stopped me from enjoying compiling what I like to refer to as sartorial creations (I know, I’m a wanker).

Here, then, is an example of one of my standard issue autumn outfits. Nothing revolutionary going on here – no exposed skin, no need for too flat a stomach (it’s the season of dramas on tv and accompanying big dinners, after all). I live in something along these lines for about 90% of the autumn. Below are my thoughts on ‘autumnising’ the individual components of an outfit, along with the pics //

OOTD Autumn

Brantano Wrangler boots

Earrings OOTD

Balenciaga Handbag


Jeans / Frame Denim // MUST be skinny. I know fashion folk will disagree as flares are de rigueur, but jeans dipped in puddle = uncomfortable and chilly all day. Skinny is (dry) comfort, skinny is good.

Jumper / Alexander Wang // The bigger the better, I say. As I try to avoid gloves for this part of autumn for psychological reasons (glove season stretches on for too long – avoidance eeks out the feeling that we are still at the tail end of summer), I find long sleeves to be of particular importance so that I can wrap my hands in them.

Big Coat / From Venice // Well you can’t very well put a tight one over a huge jumper, can you? (Can you, fashionable people?)… I like mine roomy and comfortable, preferably in a squishy fabric that makes me feel all cosy. (N.B. Being practical, I switch to a rain coat on drizzly days).

Proper Boots / Wrangler //  I’ve recently come to realise that this is the time of year for ankle boots – we’re not quite yet in leather up to the knee territory. I’m wearing boots that are comfy and ideal for stomping in thanks to their hardy heel.  I have of course Liquiproofed them, so that no rain need ruin their appearance.

Accessories / Point earrings by Alexi, handbag by Balenciaga // You know me: never knowingly under-bejewelled. While I always wear tonnes of rings, this time round I was feeling especially bling and only managed to stop short of bedecking two fingers.

A Monty / From the Wild At Heart Foundation // Because everything is better with a dog.

* My feelings, so multiple and many, attach themselves to every arena of life. I could readily write entirely blog posts about the merits of slim cutlery (easier to wash, looks more stylish), or people who don’t shut loo seats before flushing (the germs!). But that does not mean I should, so I’ll refrain. For now.

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