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Countryside, Health, Vlogs, Wellbeing , 18 October 2016

VLOG: Inside VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Day One

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I hit the ground running on day one at the Mayr Clinic’s newest outpost in Altaussee. After a hideously early flight followed by a hilarious car journey with the Mayr’s chauffeur, Rudolph, I thought I’d be prescribed a lie down with the regime starting the following day. Nein. As soon as I’d unpacked, it was time for an appointment with my doctor.

The doctor bit is really important to the Mayr mission – every part of the regime is bespoke and the doctor’s examination is crucial to providing the right kind of ‘Cure’ week for your body. After a session with Dr. Ingrid Eysn, I had a drip to kickstart the detoxification process, and was then treated to a Tibetan gong session, which I found deeply, deeply relaxing (despite initial amusement/bafflement).

Next, food. But not much of it. While my body would acclimatise by later in the week to the meagre portions, I was hungry on day one. I am now entirely sure this was a necessary step and that the insanely overloaded plates of my childhood/restaurants in London aren’t good for the system, though  the hunger is a hurdle – and I’m quite apparently struggling with it in this video.

After filming this vlog, I applied a liver compress, took supplements, contemplated the meaning of an evening without food or alcohol (such mainstays of my evenings at home), and, eventually, fell into a hungry sleep in which I no doubt dreamt of truffle pasta and chocolate cheesecake before waking in the night with a rumbling stomach. Little did I know that the going would only get tougher – on day two’s schedule: a colonic. Tune in tomorrow for that delight…

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  • regine says:

    thanks for sharing your experience. i’m very curious about the liver compress. what it looks like, what its purpose is. will you show it in an upcoming vlog?

    • Mads says:

      Pleasure. The compress is designed to warm the liver and therefore support detoxification. At the Mayr they tell you to take a hot water bottle and place it on a damp flannel across the upper right portion of your stomach, then wrap it in a dry towel and rest with it on for half an hour. It’s very soothing!

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