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Countryside, Health, Vlogs, Wellbeing , 25 October 2016

VLOG: Inside VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Day Four

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“If you’re tired or full after food you’re getting something wrong – food should energise you.” Dr. Ingrid Eysn

Nasal reflexology, an electrolysis foot bath, salination booths, spirometry: my schedule for day four at the Mayr Clinic was baffling. As I was feeling far more energetic, I took along my camera along to the series of bizarre treatments and tried to film as much as I could without offending anyone.

Watch the vlog to see them in progress – and the explanation of how they work in my video diary at the end. Note: that nasal reflexology thing feels like someone is pushing something into your actual brain. That’s dedication to the cause.

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