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Draping with Marc Jacobs / Marie Claire

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Many moons ago, make-up artist Way Bandy started to play with make-up, mixing his own formulas and applying his blends to highlight/disguise features. It took a while for the industry to catch up with Bandy – so long in fact that his name is all but forgotten while those he influenced (Aucoin most prominently springs to mind) remain embedded in the consciousness of make-up lovers.

I was delighted when perusing the press material for the launch of Air Blush that Marc Jacobs have credited Bandy as the engineer of the ‘draping’ technique, by which blush is applied to sculpt/lift/plump the face. Think contouring, only without dullness and weird lines everywhere. It’s fresher and – thank the heavens – far quicker and easier.

In this video for Marie Claire, Global Make-Up Artist for Marc Jacobs (who’s a jolly lovely man as well as a gifted make-up artist), Gilbert Soliz, demonstrates three takes on the technique that I really suggest you try out; blush is transformative and can truly take you from looking a bit washed out to appearing blooming and vibrant in the sweep of a brush. Give it a whirl and see for yourself.

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