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Vlog: Inside VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Day Five

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“Once you start running on fat, not sugar, your energy levels will stay far more stable.” Dr. Sepp Fegerl 

BAM! The efforts of the first four days started to reap rewards by day five. I woke at six am, jumped out of bed, ate breakfast (chew, chew, chew), saw my doctor, had a massage, got an algae wrap, went for a walk, and swam before bed without needing a snooze. This steady stream of energy without any lapses wasn’t just the result of having rested – I’ve been on plenty of relaxing/spa holidays where I’ve spent most my time either reading a book or half asleep in the name of ‘regenerating’, only to feel about the same by the end of the week. Turns out, the way I was eating must’ve been the cause of my exhaustion all those years – as Dr. Eysn reminded me, sugar spikes insulin and gives a short burst of energy, only to send you into the endless spiral of using it to ward off sleepiness.

Fast forward six months, and this rule has stuck. Yes, I’ll have a glass (or three) of champagne on a night out, eat cake at a party, and generally make the Mayr-ified side of my eating as invisible as possible at dinner parties so I’m not a pain, but at home I’ve found it enormously easy to continue to eat in the way that was drilled into me during my week at the Mayr. As a result, my body is happier, which has had all sort of knock on effects. I can work through the afternoon without my eyes dropping, I am richer (junk food – especially ‘organic/hand-dried/’healthy’ sugary snacks – is enormously expensive), I am thinner, my mind is far less foggy and – possibly best of all – my panic has diminished enormously. I’ll explore that at more length in a later post, but for now am going to sign off by telling you to watch the above video if you’d like to see a woman at the height of perkiness.

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