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Vlog: Inside VIVAMAYR Altaussee, Day Seven

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By day seven, I was a complete convert to The Cure, and to the Mayr way of doing things in general. It would do the clinic a disservice and be reductive to liken the programme to detox weeks or a calorie-based diet plan – they instead take your health in hand for a week, looking after routine and diet and supplements and treatments in order to give the body an opportunity to heal and strengthen itself. This approach sets the Mayr apart, and I truly believe that I am still reaping the rewards of my week there over six months later.

In fact, I’d go so far as to say the Mayr changed the trajectory of my health. Three months after leaving, I was at Grayshott researching an article and they offered me a similar body composition analysis to that which I’d had during my week at the Mayr. The results were astounding – I’d of course reduced fat (eating well-balanced meals without snacking will do that), but I’d also upped my mineral and vitamin stores, had the right amount of water in my muscles (the Mayr had found them to contain slightly too much), and my lung capacity had increased. The overall picture was better, and that can only mean good things for my future health.

I’ll write up the general Mayr rules I’ve been promising for so long in a separate post, but would like to close the review part of my Mayr coverage with the entreaty that you go yourself. Since returning, I’ve been better at my job, had more energy, and been generally happier. It really is a remarkable place that I recommend without the slightest hesitation.

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