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Freelance & As Featured In, Vlogs , 15 November 2016

How to Shop for Christmas / The Show for Matalan/ITV

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Last month, I sat down with Denise Van Outen and Eimear Varian Barry and had a good gossip about Christmas shopping. Granted, our little chat was being filmed by many a camera for Matalan/ITV’s The Show, and at times while I was sharing an anecdote a disembodied voice would say “… and back to Denise” through my earpiece (after which I’d speedily peddle to the end of my story while pretending the change of pace was merely a natural quickening to the climax), but nonetheless a chinwag about shopping in the style of morning TV it is.

If that sounds like just the bit of light relief you need on this drizzly Tuesday, click here to watch to Denise Van Outen tell a story about her first boyfriend’s bra-buying efforts, Eimear Varian Barry pointing out the best bargain buys from Matalan, and me wearing a very gold skirt while talking about how my hubs once bought all his presents online on Christmas Eve (true story). Thoughts on a postcard/in the comments box.

Matalan The Show Madeleine Spencer

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