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Wellbeing , 20 November 2016

Bargain Aromatherapy Buys: Tisserand Aromatherapy Mists

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If new to aromatherapy, two blends will serve you well as a starting point: one designed to perk you up, and another to signal sleep. The signal thing is crucial – though there are obviously staples in aromatherapy for times of day or moods such as citrus denoting morning/energy and lavender bedtime/relaxation, using them at the same junction daily is almost as important as which one you plump for, and aromatherapists often talk about how vital the routine element is to ensure the efficacy of aromatherapy.

If you’re keen to buy in without too much expense, I’d like to point you in the direction of Tisserand’s mists. At a lower price point than those of similar quality, I’ve replaced my usual This Works Pillow Mist with their Sweet Dreams Pillow Mist and am hugely impressed by the lavender, sandalwood & jasmine blend. In the morning, I’ve also taken a shine to the Energy Mist, a concoction of coriander, lime and orange leaf that makes my current early starts far more palatable.

Whether you choose to try them or opt for another brand, remember to use them at similar times during the day for the first couple of weeks to embed the scent in your olfactory system. That way, if you’re struggling to regulate your energy levels as the winter darkness takes hold, you can have a little spritz and trick your body when needed.



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