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Skincare , 25 November 2016

The Giveaway / Balance Me Total Skin Routine – CLOSED

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If I had a pound for every Black Friday e-mail that’s pinged into my inbox today… Well, I wouldn’t need any money off anything. I imagine you’re in a similar camp and have an inbox containing a glut of money-saving deals, so I won’t today tread that hackneyed ground on these pages. Instead, I’m going to offer up a giveaway (which I suppose is the most money-saving thing of all for whoever wins, but the subtle distinction is important to me!).

Today it’s all about Balance Me. The brand is British-made and is a great find for those who know what addle their skin as every single ingredient is listed on the packaging. This routine covers a few bases so you should be able to share the product love among your friends/family – here’s what’s in there and how I’d suggest using:

Balance Me Flash Cleanse Micellar Water / Apply to cotton pad, wipe over face to remove make-up before cleansing. The dispenser is great on this one – like a nail polish remover bottle, you just push the pad on the top to release the fluid without any spills or wastage.

Balance Me Cleanse and Smooth Face Balm / Massage onto a dry face – ideally, you’d make time to work this into your skin so that the little oat kernels had an opportunity to remove dead skin, though you could complete this step in a minute if need be. Remove with a flannel soaked in warm (not hot!) water.

Balance Me Anti-Ageing Face Serum / This is a fairly oily serum so you only need a dash. If you’re oily, try using this to see if it regulates your own oil production (it may well halt the overproduction), though if you notice congestion occurring after a few days stop using. If you’re dry, slap it on, massaging it in – though I’d recommend applying a hyaluronic-rich serum first to combat dehydration.

Balance Me Moisture Rich Face Cream & Balance Me Radiance Face Oil / Which of these you use – and how – is entirely up to you. As a rule, SPF should follow in the morning, and I think both should go on after serum (though some like oil to be applied directly to freshly-cleansed face – there is nothing wrong with doing that), and I sometimes mix a little oil into moisturiser or vice versa. Have a play. See what works for you.

Balance Me Instant Lift Pore Minimiser / I’m wary of anything claiming to ‘minimise’ pores and wouldn’t have included this were it not for it’s priming chops. Try it post-serum pre-party to give your skin a little extra oomph.

Balance Me Congested Skin Serum / Clever because it’s non-drying, this contains a host of antibacterial oils and calming ingredients to bring down inflammation, though I’d have a peep at the ingredients list if you’re sensitive and essential oils make you flare up.

Balance Me Radiance Face Mask / Containing kaolin clay, a touch of walnut shell powder and a whammy of lovely plant-based oils, this is a sort of all-in-one, whack it on when your skin’s feeling stressed mask. Again: essential oils here so tread carefully.

Balance Me Review


To enter to win all eight products:

1) Subscribe to by entering your e-mail address in the field at the top on the right hand side where it says ‘subscribe.’ If you’ve already subscribed, head to number 2…

2) Pop your name/tell me if you’ve bought anything amazing in the Black Friday sales so I can live vicariously in the comments field.

Easy peasy! Winners will be picked on the 5th of December at 12pm GMT and notified on the e-mail account left when commenting (this won’t show up).



  • Hayley Wilson says:

    A very boring item in the sales, but very important for work. A pressure washer , it was 60%off, so when we can’t garden, we can clean customers patios !

  • emma derham says:

    I have gone wild today – and am even contemplating flights to India for next summer. Mainly bought Christmas presents on TK Maxx and your birthday present 🙂 xx

  • Debbie says:

    Just a few beauty samples for Latest In Beauty. 30% off!

  • Debbie says:

    Just a few beauty samples from Latest IN beauty. Already bargains at 9 items for £18, but now with 30% off!

  • Marisa Baker says:

    Hey Mad! I got a YSL purse. I waited all month for Black Friday then it wasn’t discounted! So I bought it anyway. Also after a Thermomix, another thing they never discount…

  • Felicity says:

    I haven’t bought anything as pay day is next week!

  • Teresa says:

    50% off various clothes for my teens especially as one has work experience in a fortnight and needs something other than school uniform. Nothing for me… martyr…

  • Linda Slater says:

    Believe it or not I bought Balance Me gift sets for my girlfriends! Didn’t get any for myself though, so this would be a fabulous treat – fingers crossed! x


    A great pair of grey jeans with 80% off. I’ve looked for a pair of grey jeans for about 4 years now so these are perfect.

  • Lola Skinner says:

    Honestly nothing exciting this year and wasn’t about to buy what I don’t need just because its in the sale. My kids have a birthday party this weekend so bought a gift from The Entertainer half price.

  • Nancy MacDonald says:

    I got a new winter coat half price ???? From HHolland in Debenhams

  • jackie wright says:

    i have not managed to buy anything as no funds to treat myself xxx

  • Kelly Glen says:

    I haven’t brought anything because I don’t need anything at the moment. I don’t like buying things just for the sake of it.This would be a lovely prize to win because I have heard so many great things about this range. Thank you for such a generous giveaway.

  • I bought my Daughter some of her favourite fragrance in the Black Friday Sales 🙂 x

  • Gisela Barrington says:

    Believe it or not, I did not buy anything……
    But I will eventually have to get my act together 5 minutes before Christmas!

  • Nathalie Sheridan says:

    I got 20% off some Dior aftershave for my husband’s birthday in 3 weeks. Delighted!

    PS: having a dim moment (I’m blaming my cold) but I couldn’t find the Subscribe button. Please add me to your list, thanks x

  • I got a coat I wanted which was reduced from £79 to £29 from mandmdirect and got a hat off ebay reduced from £20 to £3. I also got a load of toys from The Entertainer but remembering them all will be a task as just added to the trove already in the loft as soon as bought. I remember getting a game of some kind from their list from £20 to £10 so definitley made some savings.

  • Natalie Catterall says:

    Sadly I didn’t get any Black Friday deals 🙁

  • I bought some lovely bits from new CID – gifts for friends and cheeky bits for me

  • Claire Ward says:

    A Radley purse for my mum

  • Daniel Mahon says:

    Baylis and Harding sets for gifts and a new dehumidifier, I couldn’t find a good hair product for me. I can’t find the subscribe button. Help please! Thanks.

  • helen Barrass says:

    I bought some Christmas presents for my Girlfriend to surprise her Christmas morning as she loves a bargain so she will definitely appreciate the savings I’ve had.

  • Charlotte Owen says:

    I bought a load of perfume sets for my goddaughter, niece abs nephew plus a new radio for my dad and fancy men’s groomer fir my partner! Christmas shopping is in full swing!

  • Catherine says:

    I’ve gone mad buying about 15 different dresses in the hope 1 of them will do for works christmas party in December! eek xx

  • Hayley Elvin says:

    I’ve bought a computer and some beauty gifts in the black friday sales 🙂

  • Carol Thomas says:

    I have already signed up. Yes I did. I took Lakeland by storm. I only went in to get a new ice cream maker (if you have never made your own you dont know what your missing)which was on Black Friday offer and ofcourse I couldn’t leave without buying some other kitchen gadgets on sale. I am afraid it was all to keep my family stomachs happy. Not for me.

    Though I was at the hairdressers the day before where I bought some extra’s that a gal has too have which were specials for Christmas

  • Emily Foster says:

    Hey, so this year I laid off of the Black Friday sales. Sadly I don’t get paid until the last Friday! However I feel a little proud of myself that I resisted so many offers! I have a tendancy to buy for the sake of it and I am sure I would have had parcels arriving for months! So this year was a Black Friday Black Out for me! However as soon as I am paid I am buying some lovely new Balance Me goodies to help my skin ride out the rough winter weather! xx

  • Kay Broomfield says:

    You can’t live vicariously through me I’m afraid as I didn’t buy anything! I was at work so managed to avoid all the drama. I’d rather pay a little extra and not have to battle for a bargain!

  • janet dilley says:

    Went into Leicester City today to John Lewis with the vouchers I had for my birthday. Bought a microwave oven with 10% off as my old one melted because I cooked something for 7 minutes when it only needed 40 seconds. Also bought a hoover with a reduction of £220.00 as my old one was making my housework even harder. Shame my presents went on household items rather than ME…! X

  • Jacqui says:

    No living vicariously through me, I’m afraid! I bought nothing, because buying things just because they’re on sale would be WRONG! Very, very wrong. Winning Balance Me products, however, would be so, so right, because every day should be a balance me day.

  • Kim Jones says:

    I bought the game Dishonored 2 as a Christmas present for my partner, paid half price.

  • Katy c Johnston says:

    I was keeping an eye out for something on Black Friday but didn’t manage to get anything! Bah

  • Debbie Henderson says:

    not a thing, all sites were crashing so now wish i had ventured into town

  • Esma Blackwell says:

    I didn’t buy anything.As I didn’t get paid till this week

  • Shelly Layle says:

    I didn’t buy anything as usually my Black Friday purchases are impulse buys and things I don’t usually need lol. I held back this year so pretty chuffed with myself although the urge was immense !

  • Gillian Turner says:

    Didn’t buy anything as such, but we did upgrade our SKY package and got a free Galaxy Tab E. We were going to upgrade anyway so really pleased 🙂

  • Jill Fairbank says:

    Didn’t buy anything I. The black Friday sales ! ???? Was maxed out at work

  • Paula Cheadle says:

    I got a Samsung Tablet

  • Jacqui Rankine says:

    I bought a keyboard for my daughter. She is super happy

  • Joanne O'Neill says:

    A guess handbag and ted baker dress!

  • caroline tokes says:

    i bought a kindle for my son for xmas

  • Jacqueline Roberts says:

    Signed up! I only bought some Christmas stuff for the kids (mine being teenagers) it was overpriced stuff from Nike and JD Sports. So no bargains as nothing was on sale that they wanted….although I got £22 cashback on a pair of trainers through quidco so that softened the blow a tad.

  • amanda greensmith says:

    i didn’t buy anything i had a bed ridden husband my son was throwing up everywhere so i missed out

  • Hayley Todd says:

    I managed to get some great bargains for Christmas. I was able to get some of the latest PS4 game releases for almost half-price, some lovely children’s books which were a blooming steal, a bottle of perfume for less than half-price – it should have been £82 and I managed to buy it for £32 and some gorgeous jewellery with 25% off.

  • Karen Harrison says:

    Only a couple of Christmas presents that I can’t name!

  • Tina Holmes says:

    I did buy much, managed to get a pair of converse I had my eye on for £28 though. Thought that was a good deal.

  • Laura Tonks says:

    We got some great clothes in the gap for the kids 😀 x

  • Jayne Kelsall says:

    I picked up a Health Fryer from Curry’s for 69.99 , was 149.99 ! .x

  • Emma Allton says:

    I felt really let down by Black Friday this year! ???? In previous years I have snapped up some real bargains but I thought the reductions this year were lacking a bit, maybe it just wasn’t my year!

  • Clare Ollif says:

    I got quite a few Christmas gifts on Black Friday. Lots of craft gifts from Hobby Craft, Fashion gifts from and for the kids some cool things from My best buy was a new Christmas tree was £100 to £50 from M&S.

  • Angela Cringle says:

    I had to work all day so missed out. So will go to the Jan Sales

  • Mads says:

    And the winner is… Carol Thomas. Carol, check your e-mails so that we can arrange your prize!

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