Optibac One Week Flat Review

Wellbeing , 27 November 2016

Try This: Optibac Probiotics One Week Flat

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This post is going up so late in the day because I went to a housewarming party last night, got moderately sozzled, and have spent the morning in bed. When I got up to walk Monty (two hours late and not a peep from him to wake me at my usual hour – so considerate), I felt a bit groggy and tired but – joyously – bloat-free. As I’d generally be puffed up like a blowfish after an evening of imbibing wine and inhaling baked goods (last night, marmite and cheese pastry bites turned my head), I can only attribute my current flatness of stomach to the diligence with which I’ve looked after my gut this year.

I’d guess my adherence to the Mayr way of eating is mostly to thank – I’ve been consistent in ‘feeding my gut’ (i.e. avoiding sugar and making sure I eat lots of lovely vegetables and organic foods), and have fasted between meals so as not to overburden my system. I can’t, however, discount the probiotics I’ve been taking as a factor; after a stint at Grayshott (vlog to follow), I had a flatter stomach I’ve ever enjoyed as an adult thanks to the copious number of good bacteria they insisted I pop after meals (when the acidity of the stomach is slightly lower and therefore more likely to allow the bacteria to make it into the intestine), and as a result came to revere the stomach-soothing power of probiotics.

I now try to take a course of OptiBac probiotics whenever I suspect my body may need a little extra help  – and wrote about them here – so ahead of frantic December, I decided to embark on a week of taking their One Week Flat sachets that especially target bloating. If my lack of distention is anything to go by, I’d say they do the trick very well indeed – and, if you’ve got a December that looks anywhere near as insalubrious as mine ahead of you, I’d suggest you embark on a course of them pronto.

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