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Lifestyle, London , 8 December 2016

A Wander Down Lambs Conduit / Christmas in London

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I’m all too aware that I’m enormously privileged to live in London – not least because despite being convinced that I must have woven my way through all its streets at some point, I often find myself standing stock still in shock at discovering an alleyway/pub/cluster of shops previously unbeknownst to me. London is liberally sprinkled with these spots of enormous beauty and rich history – and I’m going to start sharing some of my favourite finds with you going forward.

First up: Lambs Conduit Street. Right next to the Stylist offices, I’d been walking along the neck of this road on my way to and from work without ever making my way down it. Big mistake. When I finally took time to explore it, I decided it was well worth its own blog post – especially if you, like me, enjoy physically going into shops to buy presents; people often say the joy of Christmas is in the giving, though if you’re shopping somewhere as picturesque as Lambs Conduit, I’d say there’s as much joy to be had in the getting too. Last week, I took a stroll down it and photographed some of the shops that sell lovely things in lovely surroundings.  //

PERSEPHONE BOOKS / I never leave Persephone empty-handed; it’s impossible to read the book jackets and not want to take them all with you. I tend to give everyone a book at Christmas alongside other gifts, and if you do the same, this is a great place to find something a bit different.

Persephone Books

Persephone Books London

PENTREATH & HALL / Selling fancy pyjamas (if family members are reading, I’m after the white ones with neon green piping, pretty please), homewares and knick knacks, once you’ve fallen into Pentreath & Hall, you’ll probably find yourself cooking up all kinds of reasons to buy things for yourself and not for others.

Pentreath & Hall London

Pentreath & Hall

Pentreath & Hall London

AESOP / Whenever I go into an Aesop shop, I’m tempted to discard the contents of my beauty cupboard, erect a shelf, and line up all the Aesop skincare in a paean to order and cleanliness. Ah, pleasing order and cleanliness. Let me have a minute to collect myself… If you know someone for whom nice skin and this minimalist aesthetic are pleasing, go Aesop – Poo Drops for novelty, Parsley Seed Oil for beauteous skin.


HUCKLE THE BARBER, CIAO BELLA & FOLK / Head into Folk for clothes and homewares with a Scandi vibe (and pay special attention to the mugs and bowls – they’re quite something), to Huckle for a trim (I sent hubs in last week so I could browse the shops while he was shorn), and Ciao Bella for some much-needed food after all that shopping. Gloriously unstuffy and irreverent, when I visited the waiter thumped a huge bowl of delectable pasta before me with a grunt before dashing back inside, Italian style.

Huckle the Barber Lambs Conduit

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