Shey Body Butter Review

Body , 11 December 2016

Sunday Splurge: She-y Body Butter in Olive

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Today is my birthday, and I’m in Bath. As I’d quite like to get out and explore, I’m going to make this a brief recommendation and, as said brevity is my intention, I’m not going to issue my usual apologies about how stupidly, ridiculously expensive this She-y Olive Body Cream is. It teeters close to the £100 mark. For a body butter. Sheesh. But if you’re after stupid, ridiculous luxury: THIS.

It is everything you want from a body cream and more. It glides over the skin like whipped butter, absorbing quickly, but not before you’ve had time to massage it in. Once it’s gone, you’re not gloopy or sticky but a little sheen is left on your skin (see my hand below – I’d rubbed it all over before putting that dollop on the back of it). It acts like a beautiful shield, making skin feel silky and smooth hours after applying.

Shea butter based, this has to be the most luxurious moisturiser ever to have touched my skin (and my body has seen ’em all – I moisturise daily, come rain or shine). If you can’t afford it, The Body Shop make delightful body butters, as do Bliss. But if you’re after the absolute silky skin, silly luxury thing – this is it. Right, that’s plenty on that. Me and my buttered up birthday body are off to take on Bath now.

Shey Body Butter Review

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