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Food & Drink, Wellbeing , 18 December 2016

LOVE: Pukka Revitalise Tea

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This December, my rockin’ has not been exclusively conducted around a Christmas tree. I had a shimmy next to the Roman Baths last weekend, managed a little boogie among diners in Maggie Jones’s (without any music to help me along – quite the feat), and have – of course – swayed on the dance floor at Tiroler Hut around those in an advanced state of inebriation countless times.

As a seasoned seasonal merrymaker, I can offer you one word of wisdom aside from the usual maxims (water between helpings of wine, paracetamol before bed, a substantial pre-drinks dinner etc.): tea. Tea is vastly under appreciated in the canon of morning after cures, but no more. Tea is more than just a drink. Tea is deeply warming, tea diminishes niggling sore throats, and tea seems to hydrate more speedily than water alone.

The benefits aren’t confined to days after drinking. When steering clear of the sauce I still find myself reaching for tea around this time of year as it is a trying period for the body, with viruses abounding, sunshine scarce and many exhausting long evenings out. With tea comes not only the benefits outlined above, but also a moment of respite and a little boost.

Most popular in my household is currently Pukka Revitalise tea, which we consume by buckets in part because it tastes a bit like Christmas (that’ll be the cinnamon and cardamom), but also because it really does act as a little lift during the weary mornings and protracted dark afternoons that have descended over England. If that doesn’t sound the ticket, I’d urge you to peruse the Pukka range: their tea is a staple in my house as they make excellent blends that aren’t too spendy.

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