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Round-Up , 23 December 2016

Inside My Party Season Beauty Kit

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If you watch my instagram stories, you’ll know that despite all my efforts to lead a salubrious life, I am easily seduced by the promise of a good party, with hubs always expressing his amazement at my ability to transform myself from greasy-haired, spotty-skinned, hoodie-wearing house creature into something resembling a woman when lured by the promise of dazzling people and a glass of something fizzy. He wouldn’t be quite so amazed if he knew about this arsenal //

Skin Beauty MakeUp

Skin Stuff / At some point during the festive season, my skin will go bonkers. To strengthen it before the storm, I make sure it’s deeply hydrated by using something containing hyaluronic acid. Current pick: Institut Esthederm Intensif Hyaluronic Serum. When spots/dryness/rashes hit, I turn to Heal Gel, applying it over my serum and under my SPF. What can’t be calmed is covered with Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage.

bumble and bumble strong finish and god straighteners

Hair Tools / I’ve noticed that styling hair with a little tool leads to far fewer burns and mistakes, so I got my hands on the Cloud Nine Micro Iron after seeing Sam McKnight deftly use it backstage during LFW. I use this on my fringe and the sections close to my face, and then set my hair with Bumble + bumble’s new Strong Finish Firm Hold Hairspray (literally does what it says on the tin).

Body Beauty Tips

The Bod / Overall, I’m pretty good at looking after my body skin because I am one of those odd humans who finds the process of scrubbing and moisturising a pleasure, but in preparation to expose a little more than usual during the winter when pasty, I take things up a notch. If I need a tan, I spray on Ambre Solaire No Streaks Bronzer (cheaper than St. Tropez but equally as brilliant, offering up glow – not orange – after an hour). I’m also addicted to Legology Air-Lite, which is a total indulgence but makes my legs feel a little less puffy and heavy and therefore always comes out if I’m wearing a skirt.

Optiat Scrub and Ila aromatherapy

The Morning After / I find scent hugely helpful when feeling slightly the worse for wear. Citrus is my favourite, and I liberally roll my Ila Vital Energy Aroma Roller across my wrists and neck throughout hungover mornings. I also find a shower helps, especially when I use an invigorating scrub to make me feel clean. My current choice is Optiat The Hungover Coffee Scrub, which has a dense enough concentration of granules to really slough off dead skin, suspended in a fresher than fresh peppermint gel. The brand also has a rather nice backstory – click here to read about them.

Charlotte Tilbury Scent of A Dream Review

In General / Scent and supplements, they’re key. I’m currently obsessed with Charlotte Tilbury Scent of a Dream, not least because I am always told that I smell amazing when wearing it and asked for details. While I try to pop my probiotics and some vitamin A daily, I always – ALWAYS – take omegas when taxing the old form – they keep my skin, hair and nails looking glossy and also bolster my immune system. I’m currently popping Perricone MD Omega Supplements.

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