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Round-Up , 3 January 2017

The Six Best Beauty Buys of 2016

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2016 was undoubtedly memorable, whatever your perspective and politics. I, like many, have filed it as a bit of a blip, a year in which things went well for me personally and professionally but during which the I, along with the collective, was left reeling as a result of the deaths of heroes and rise of dubious characters.

The year in beauty was also a bit patchy, with promising bursts of newness but, ultimately, few launches deserving cult status. Six, however, have earned a permanent place in my regime – and may well be worth a spot in yours too. Here’s the breakdown //

Elemis Biotec Trio / Three products here. First, a foaming cleanser (doesn’t strip or leave skin feeling tight and dry. Works well after a balm cleanse or in the morning). Second, a day cream (I use post-lightweight serum, pre-SPF, but it can be used in lieu of serums and creams, just remember the SPF). Third, night cream (versatile – use alone, under oil, over serum, cocktailed...). All three are designed to bolster and lend skin strength when it is misbehaving or needs a little extra oomph. My personal fave is the night cream and I rely on it when I need my skin to look glowing the following morning.

Anne Semonin Oliganne Serum / Not really a serum but rather a plant-based oil that manages the feat of making skin feel nourished without suffocating it. It also neutralises free radicals and strengthens, so is a good pick if you live in the city. It’s expensive stuff, so I use it every other night. If you opt for this and choose to use it sparingly as I do, make sure you store it somewhere cool and dark.

Tom Ford Lip Contour Duo / First featured in this Saturday Lust List, these bullets with a lipstick on the one end and every-so-slightly lighter lipliner (to enhance volume) on the other are the easiest way to get a polished lip in a jiffy. Lip liner, by the by, has been experiencing something of a renaissance and, after reacquainting myself with it through these pens, I can see why; they make light work of perfect edges.

Ole Henriksen Power Bright Mask / I’ve been using one of these three-step masks weekly since their launch and despite other brightening masks landing on my desk, continue to stay faithful to them because they’re bloody brilliant on these counts: 1) they actually brighten skin after a single use and cumulatively over time; 2) they are quite fun to use if you like dabbling in potions – a dollop of this and a swipe of that etc reminded me of being six and desperately wanting to partake in a ‘beauty regime’; 3) they come in the easiest packaging ever to travel with. If you buy, follow the instructions to the letter – the vitamin C is potent and doesn’t need any extra time on your skin.

Suqqu Extra Rich Cream Foundation / This foundation has featured several times on here, and I don’t suspect this will be the last time I bring it up. A blend of oils (though not oily once on so don’t let that cloud your judgement), this base covers amply but fuses with skin. The words balmy and juicy spring to mind when I think of the end result, so if you’re all about the finish and the glass jar (rubbish for travel) and price tag don’t put you off, this is a sure bet.

LATER ADDITION / Victoria Beckham x Estee Lauder Make-Up Collection / Gosh – I sent this post out into the world with only five write ups. Blame the January brain. Don’t see the omission as a reflection of my feelings on this stellar collaboration – this is the make-up range I’m still hitting up a lot, especially the eyeshadow palette, which has proven itself to be well worth the investment. More on my top picks from the range here.

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