City Breaks, Vlogs , 11 January 2017

VLOG: Inside The Royal Crescent Hotel, Bath

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There’s coughing, and there’s COUGHING. When I went to Bath to do some wedding make-up early in December, I COUGHED a whole lot, so before I go any further in this post I must issue a thank you to Mrs G for inviting me to make you and your friends look beaut, and an apology to all the wedding party for the unladylike coughing convulsions – and the spectacular culmination of one especially spasmodic episode in which I knocked my make-up table over, smashing a Tom Ford palette in the process.

I’d planned to stay in Bath after the job to celebrate my birthday. Not a big ‘un, 32, but I’ll take any opportunity for a mini break and given that Bath is a mere hour and a half from Paddington on the train and is home to muchos thrilling old buildings and Austen museums galore, I coaxed hubs, the sister and mum down to join me for a day of birthday vegan treats (I know how to party).

Unfortunately, COUGH got the better of my body and my mind (see here for an explanation of my fears re coughing), and I spent a good portion of the break holed up in the Royal Crescent Hotel. Turned out this wasn’t wholly bad. Yes, the coughing spasms were pretty hideous, but the hotel was homely and luxurious, and I actually found myself a teeny bit glad not to be rushing around Bath – this way, I got to really enjoy the (extortionate) room.

So, I made a vlog. Not a terribly thrilling one I hasten to add, lest you feel the titular announcement of a vlog is false advertising. It’s me, a room, a little tour around the nearby streets… and that’s it. But if you like a hotel room and are a little bit nosy (i.e. are afflicted with the same condition as me), watch it. As promised in said vlog, I’m going to add another post with places worth eating at, things worth seeing, walks worth taking: the usual drill.

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