Oskia Rose De Mai Massage Candle

Skincare , 5 February 2017

Ask For This For V Day: Oskia Massage Candle

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On the 14th of February last year, I wrote a post that began thus: ‘The lead up to Valentine’s day flies under my radar, mostly because I march past all the displays in shops and delete any e-mail mentioning the V word in the manner of the deeply embittered because I just can’t handle all the schmaltz. I love love as much as the next person but a day of love? Not for me.’

I’m still there, folks – ignoring things covered in red hearts, switching off silly tutorials on how to get ‘kissable lips’ (there is so much wrong with that expression that I don’t know where to begin), begging hubs not to bother with buying me some glitter-encrusted Haribo love teddy bear, or whatever it is that is currently on the Valentine’s stand in Clinton Cards.

Oskia Rose de Mai Candle Review

But I’m also still a pressie fan. More so an Oskia one. And now that they’ve wrapped the delightful Oskia Rose de Mai Massage Candle I recommended in last year’s massage candle edit in a red – but not chintzy – box, I wouldn’t be annoyed in the slightest come the unremarkable day should I find this waiting for me. In fact, I’d be pretty pleased (hint, hint).

Ask for it if you feel similarly, or – if you live in a world where Valentine’s Day is a sexy affair to be celebrated – add the side note that it is a little bit saucy, too. Candlelight plus massage may be a a bit of a romantic cliche, but it does the job.


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