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VLOG: Dietary Lessons from Grayshott, Part 1

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You know me: game for a health regime, even more so for anything involving intensive gut work. So when Porter asked if I’d like to write about Grayshott’s Health Regime, I – obviously – leapt at the chance.

Gut Bacteria Health Review

Grayshott Healthy and Unhealthy Gut Bacteria

Above is my video diary from the week. In it, I talk about the regime in general, summarise some of the learnings from lectures – mostly about the importance of having varied healthy strains of bacteria to keep the gut (and by extension immunity and mood) functioning properly, and explain why taking anti-acid pills is a disaster if you suffer from reflux.

Grayshott Health Regime Review

This two-parter is also a diary of sorts, so there’s the usual things in there: me waffling, a look at the bunny rabbits outside the window, a bit about the horrors of a body composition analysis, some product talk, and a peek at one of the treatments during mt time there. It’s smorgasbord; but you know how I like my videos to be a bit of a mixed bag.

A final word to any of you considering undertaking the Health Regime week at Grayshott: I’d plan it for when you have time to really relax and consider what you’ve learned post – no good if you’re ploughing straight back into a week of work as changing habits takes a little adjustment and diligence. My mum, who came with me, arranged to have a few days off work after and focussed on trying to cook her meals from fresh ingredients so as to enjoy the whole process – no wolfing down a sandwich on the hoof. In her words: ‘it’s a revelation when you realise how much fresh food you should be eating and understand how a plate should be divided up. I’d also recommend Grayshott because it’s so relaxing – like a country house from a novel.’

Grayshott Review

If you’d like to read a little more about my time at Grayshott:

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