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VLOG: Dietary Lessons from Grayshott, Part 2

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I still remember the days when eating fat was a big, fat no. Sugar, fine – provided you stuck to a certain number of calories – but not fat. Ah how times have changed. On my third day at Grayshott, I sat in a lecture and was disabused of any remaining vestige of doubt that fat is a grand old thing for the form. That is to say, it’s a grand old thing provided it comes in the form of olive oil, coconut oil and a couple of others. Trans fats are really quite bad news and should be avoided where possible.

This revelation, among others, is explained in this second vlog. There’s also a sample of one of the lectures at the beginning, a little information on how stress affects digestion (it makes for a harrowing read, my friends, quite a harrowing read), a look around the luscious, verdant grounds, some stuff on how we’re meant to eat 50 different foods weekly and – the star of the show – my SUPER SHINY SKIN. Yes, I didn’t powder down my t-zone as I was officially ‘not at work’ (pah!), so I let my oil break through and it is nothing short of spectacular. And if that’s not reason to get watching, I don’t know what is…

Grayshott Spa

Good fats Grayshott

Grayshott Spa Review

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