Vincent Longo Water Canvas Foundation

Make-up , 21 March 2017

My New Base Heroes by Vincent Longo, Sisley, Ciate & By Terry

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Daffs are out in the park, blossom is decorating the trees, and it isn’t dark anymore when I get up for work in the morning: it’s undeniably now spring. And what joy it brings with it; no more bundling up under layers and layers of clothes or unbearably long, dark nights. But then there’s the other thing. My skin. It looks etiolated, and skincare is going to take a good month to do its glow-upping thing. So I’ve reached for an instant fix in the form of make-up.

First, I’ve given Vincent Longo’s Water Canvas Foundation a whirl. It’s filled with goodness like algae that soothes skin and reduces dryness, but it’s also lightweight in a gel-like form – and, crucially, if your skin is prone to clogs – is oil-free. Very odd texture in the first instance, though – would recommend trying before buying to see if you like using it. In terms of coverage, this can do anything – a gentle swipe with the sponge, and you’ve got a veil. Pat more on top of said veil, and you can get this up to full coverage. Two notes on this one: you’ll need to wash the sponge often as it’ll become a breeding ground for bacteria otherwise, and you’ll get through a lot of it if, like me, you have spots but want to look like you don’t. The pros: if you need heavy coverage but want your skin to continue to look like skin, this is on the money.

Sisley Bronzer

Sisley Phyto-Touche Trio Pêche Doree (out here in April) is the dream if you’re fairly pale and want to enliven your complexion without looking like you’re wearing bronzer. This is key here: if you like a seriously deep tan that’ll make you look like you’ve just stepped off a yacht, this is not the one for you. If you have pallid skin that needs warming up and life breathed into it, get it now. I swirl my brush over the entire palette for a gentle bronze with a dash of peachiness to it, though if you’re looking to use just the deepest shade or the peach, get a fan brush – it makes precision in picking up pigment in palettes like this much easier.

Ciate Dewy Stick Review

I could bore you silly with all the good things I have to say about Ciate’s Dewy Stix, so I’ll try for brevity. It mimics sweat. By this, I mean it forms a sheen wherever swiped. It has no colour. It contains no shimmer or glitter. It is just that: sweat, in a stick form. And that means that it has no equal in creating barely-there highlights. If not wearing make-up is your official line on things, but you also want to wear make-up: this.

By Terry Eye Designer Palette in 3.Techno Aura Review

The colours in By Terry Eye Designer Palette in 3.Techno Aura look a bit repetitive, don’t they? Don’t be fooled – this has been my go-to for weeks now and every single colour has had an outing on my lids because they’re all so easy to just throw on while all offering subtly different effects. From the far left: 1) I use this as a non-highlighter highlighter, i.e. put it where I want light to be (say, the inner corner of my eye), without it looking obvious; 2) + 4) These made for lovely partners when swirled across the entire lid; 3) + 5) Ditto, though each of these also make for good single shadows, 6) I use this darker shade up to my crease line for definition – and usually stroke a little under the lower lash line, too.

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