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I was delighted when Matalan asked me earlier in the year to appear on their sofa for another round of The Show, but slightly less so about the seasonal trickery. This episode was filmed in January, when it was chilly as can be both outside and in the studio, but in TV land, it was a warm spring day. Cue shoulders out and shivering galore.

That aside, we three  – me, Denise and Billie Faiers – had a great deal of fun discussing fashion and getting a bit annoyed that there seems to be this assumption that at a ‘certain age’ you should cast a sense of self aside, get a perm and eschew any fanciness of gear.

No, you really shouldn’t. I feel strongly on this subject and, as by necessity I had to condense my thoughts on The Show, I’d like to add some embellishment to the points I make in the above video.

I come from a long line of women for whom age was merely a trifling point. The real thing to focus on, they taught me, was the fun that could be had with your appearance.


There is joy in fashion, there is joy in make-up, there is joy in creating and assembling a version of yourself that can take on the day, whatever it may bring, that can saunter down the street, sequins a-glitter, lacquered lips shining, balayage-d hair bouncing, despite the pile of dishes left in the sink and many e-mails sitting unread in your inbox.

They taught me to grab those simple joys – because the hard stuff will come anyway, and when it does, a little lick of lipstick or coat of polish may well be the tiny shard of frivolity that acts as an anchor, as a shield of armour.

I hope I convey some of that in this episode and that, if you are a woman of a ‘certain age’, you’re perhaps encouraged to try something different sartorially – you may be surprised at how much it does for your confidence.

Behind the scenes at Matalan

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