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Diary, Seaside , 2 April 2017

A Day On The Beach In Norfolk

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“Big skies, Norfolk has,” Lisa Valencia told me last week as she stroked make-up onto my face before a shoot. “Lovely place to spend the weekend.” She was right: Norfolk’s skies are unparalleled in their panorama, and when we pulled up at a friend’s cottage in Burnham Market on the Friday evening, the skies stretched endlessly out onto the horizon, knitted with stars, winking with the promise of a clear, sunny spring day.

The promise was delivered: come Saturday, the expanse of blue ocean met an equally blue skyline, and the sun twinkled down from on high. There was only one thing for it: a dog walk. Monty hadn’t yet seen the sea in the UK, so we packed him, some blankets and (on my part) an SPF, face mist and lip balm, and trotted onto Brancaster Beach for a long stroll. It looked like this //

Norfolk Ocean

Norfolk Beach

Beaches in Norfolk

Beach in Burnham Market

The best thing about a day at the seaside in the UK came after our day at the seaside in the UK: the pub. Settling into The Hoste for an aperol (me) and beer (the others) was a delicious end to the day, and we walked home feeling a bit smug about life. I strongly suggest you do similar if you have a weekend to spare and want the sense of having escaped the drudgery of daily life.

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