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I had every intention of writing a beefy post over the Easter holiday but instead I sat on the sofa, made my way through an entire mini egg tree (see my instagram for the evidence), devoured about fifty episodes of Gossip Girl (side note: Rufus Humphrey = annoying, yes? Lily Bass = surprisingly the best parent in the show, no? Also, their approximation of school uniforms would not be allowed at any establishment in which I’ve ever been educated), and did no work.

I would ordinarily give myself a little slap on the wrist for such sloth, but I’ve been pushing myself a bit of late so thought I’d give myself a proper rest. Practise what I preach and all that jazz. And it worked – I got back to work full of vim and vigour and with a new excitement for product testing – as I write, I’m slathered in Elizabeth Arden’s new peel off mask (peel off masks are making a comeback – JOY – see here for my piece on InStyle about the other newbie in the genre that’s making headlines), and am about to apply the latest Tilbury tan.

But I’m saving news on all of them until they’re thoroughly tested; this isn’t a product blast – it’s more a ‘grab a cup of tea and watch this’ note. I am, you see, now part of the Debenhams Beauty Club, which means I curl up on a sofa with some brilliant beauty editors to discuss the specifics of how to use products and what you should be buying up on a regular basis. Here are the first two instalments, should you be keen to take a gander:

  1. How to Choose a Foundation – click here to watch
  2. How To Go From Day to Night – click here to watch

Time for me to peel off that old mask – review to follow…


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