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Make-up , 27 April 2017

The Edit / Mascaras For Straight Lashes

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I was cheered recently when interviewing vlogger Fleur de Force. We were discussing mascara, and she turned to me and said ‘well, I love this YSL one, but in all honesty my lashes are fairly full and curly so don’t need that much help.’

Two good things there: 1) that she was willing to be honest about the greatness of her lashes without feeling the need to add any modesty – nothing is more galling or pointless than someone with perfect lashes/skin/hair protesting that it’s actually shit in unfathomable and undetectable ways, and 2) her realisation that her mascara recommendations may not be useful for those with puny lashes.

In the spirit of Fleur’s admission, I’ve decided to do similar and to play to my strengths – or, rather, to turn my weakness of lash into a strength as a reviewer for this post.

First and foremost, I must tell you that my lashes are straight. Straight as an arrow. So straight that they rest on my cheeks when I shut my eyes. They’re also fine, but abundant, like a fringe of hair. On the upside, they’re long and, once curled with force several times, can look spectacular with the right mascara on.

Which brings me to this edit of fab mascaras that work on anyone, but that I’ve found to be particularly good on my straight lashes. I’ll add to it – mascara discoveries come in all the time and I want this to be a crib sheet of sorts (both for your ease and for mine – I often refer to this blog to be reminded of good eggs when I’m shopping). As always, I’d welcome your recommendations, so feel free to tell me your favourites on a postcard/in a comment/by e-mail… //

DHC Perfect Pro Double Protection Mascara / This is a tubing mascara, meaning that it isn’t broken down by oil but by warm water, contact with which will make this slide off lashes. This makes it a good buy if you have especially oily eyelids, are wearing this for a special occasion and don’t want to worry about crumbling/tears affecting its performance. This is the mascara I use most when making up brides as it has a teeny tiny head that makes coating lashes evenly – and with precision – easy.

Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara / Want big, fat, present lashes? This is the one. It seriously adds oomph to lashes but without turning them into a mess resembling a few scraggly spider legs. This is the one I stash in my handbag for busy mornings when I have to finish my make-up on the tube as it’s so damn speedy to get a big result from.

Lancome Grandiose Mascara / This Lancome mascara divides opinion among beauty editors, but I’m a devotee. The swan neck makes twisting it to reach every lash easy, and once it’s on, it’s ON, holding a curl with ease.

La Roche-Posay Respectissime Volume Mascara / A hit among beauty aficionados, this mascara is a good coats-all-lashes-doesn’t-give-up number that doesn’t weigh lashes down AND is formulated not to irritate the eyes of those who wear lenses or have sensitive eyes. In terms of finish, it offers a ‘your lashes, but better’ look.

Fairydrops Scandal Queen Quattro Mascara / This one’s a bit like the DHC mascara in that it is brilliant on lashes that are straight and on those who often find their mascara has migrated down their faces, but offers a bit more of a dramatic effect.

L’Oreal Paris Miss Baby Roll Mascara / I wasn’t expecting this one to be so damn good because the wand looks very odd (think spikes in a rolled shape), but I stand corrected – it’s brilliant if you want your lashes thickened and curled up at a bargain £7.99.

Dior Diorshow Pump ‘n’ Volume Mascara / One of the very best mascaras for straight lashes, this one is – as the name implies – all about the volume, but it also holds a curl really well. I use this when I’m doing a smoky eye for a big fan of lashes.



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  • Dafni Papadopoulou says:

    Hi! Thank you for this. Sounds like you are my lash twin… My lashes are long and abundant but soooo straight. I curl them with the Shu Uemura curler and they look really good, but the moment I put on mascara, it weighs them down again. Which one would you recommend for this particular problem (holding a curler-created curl)? or would any of these work?

    • Mads says:

      Hey Dafni! It sounds like we are lash twins indeed! I honestly think all of them are good and don’t weigh down lashes, but if it’s primarily curl you’re after, I’d go with the Fairy Queen – it keeps my lashes standing to attention all day! X

      • Dafni Papadopoulou says:

        Thank you so much for taking the time to reply!
        This post is super useful to me as I have yet to find one for my particular lash situation (despite having tried several) especially with mascara being a product that can be difficult to test before purchase.
        So, I guess I will have to try this one next… X

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