Hair , 30 April 2017

Two New Hair Heroes I Felt Compelled To Write Home About

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I’m sitting in a hotel room in Innsbruck with a panoramic view of the Nordkette mountains. They’re capped with snow, and under their mighty gaze lies the Old Town, all yellow buildings, pale green domes and glittering gold shows of imperial wealth.

They’re all calling to me with their beauty as I sit here on my laptop. I’m on holiday you see, and I promised hubs that I’d work less this time round, but I’ve sent him out for coffee under the pretence that I’d have done my make-up and be ready to go when he got back. Ha! Little does he know I’ve snuck onto here because I simply had to share my latest finds immediately, lest you make the mistake of purchasing a product of either genre without this counsel.

GHD travel Hairdryer

My first find is a hairbrush. I used to think a hairbrush was just a hairbrush and that, provided it separated my hair without dragging or pulling, it was a good ‘un. I have now tried Michael Van Clarke The No. 1 Brush and am convinced otherwise – it is superior to anything that I’ve ever raked through my hair before.

My reasoning? The bristles are soft and bend to allow for minimal breakage, but still hold firm, undoing knots as they make their way down the length of hair. When starting at the root, the longer bristles offer a head massage, which will encourage the flow of blood (and therefore nutrients) to the scalp, as well as offering a moment of immense pleasure – a head massage is quite something, isn’t it?

My next find is a travel hairdryer. Ghastly things, travel hairdryers are, though a necessity if you don’t wish to leave your hair to the mercy of whatever half dead puffing device the hotel has provided. I generally air dry my hair when abroad (click here for a video I made for InStyle on how to do so and emerge with lovely waves) to avoid the horrors of either a hotel dryer or my pathetic little travel one.

Until now, that is. GHD have turned their attention to this much-maligned area of haircare, and released a hairdryer as part of their Wanderlust collection. Lightweight, powerful, and foldable, the GHD Flight Wanderlust Travel Hairdryer is the ultimate travel hairdryer – and I’m jolly glad I packed it as I now have about ten minutes to get ready before hubs rumbles that I’ve been on here…

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