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Make-up , 14 May 2017

Meet My Top Picks From The Tom Ford Summer Soleil 2017 Collection

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When Tom Ford drops a new range, it’s pretty much a given that I’ll write about it; he curates his range so tightly, and the products are of such high quality, that I rarely struggle to find something nice rapturous to say.

This Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2017 range is no different to the usual Ford fodder: an timely, glossy, beautiful beast of a range that won’t last long on counters. I’ve put it through its paces and love these //

Tom Ford Lip Balm Swatches

Limited Edition Tom Ford Lip Balms / Sheer, juicy, deelicious things, these are. If you like a full lipstick, no. But if you’re more of a fly-out-the-door-chuck-a-lip-thing-in-your-bag sort of girl, yes. Colours l-to-r: Cruising, Fathom (my fave), La Piscine, Neotropic, L’Odissea, Pure Shores. If you get one, don’t bother with lip liner etc: these look so good when slid on without too much precision.

Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo in Reflects Gilt

Tom Ford Sheer Highlighting Duo in Reflects Gilt / These two are brilliant if you like a multitasking product. I’m not a fan of the deeper shade on my cheeks (I’m too pale – it starts to look too ‘Instagram make-up’ for my liking), but it looks bloody brilliant as an eyeshadow. The lighter shade similarly can be a highlighter or eyeshadow. Both shades are finely-milled and creamy, aka usual Tom Ford.

Tom Ford Skin Illuminator in Firelust / … But if you like highlighter to go a step further and potentially work all over skin, get this one. It can be mixed with moisturiser, primer, and foundation, or patted on high points. I wouldn’t put it on top of powder personally – it’s less detectable when skin is slightly sheeny. In terms of shade, this just works on me, but would look better on darker skin. If you’re paler than me, I’d recommend steering clear unless you don’t mind your highlighter showing up.

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