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Skincare , 10 June 2017

My Current Skin Routine / Morning

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During my Facebook live for InStyle UK recently, Debbie Thomas reminded me of the primary dual functions of skin: as an organ, it is the first line of defence, and as this barrier, it is constantly renewing and repairing itself. The easiest way to choose a morning skin routine, then, is to start with the basic premise that throughout the day, it needs help to protect itself. Antioxidants will neutralise damaging free radicals, so they’re always a good idea for strength, while an SPF is absolutely key to ward off damage from the sun – and premature ageing as a result of UVA rays.

At the moment, my morning skin routine is geared towards said protection – and towards not ruffling my easily-stressed skin. This is what I’m doing, and the key products with which I do it (as a beauty editor/blogger I’ll of course change my skincare up fairly often, though I’ve been returning to these) //

CLEANSE / Perricone MD Gentle Cleanser / This is one of the first (gently) foaming cleansers I was ever impressed by. I found it in the heavily discounted bin in the Harrods sale when I was 21 and, as I was in no position to give bargains a miss (especially on the skincare front, as I had acne and was obsessed with good products). If you can’t find it in a bargain area – and, to be quite frank, having used it I’m quite amazed it was ever there – it’s dear, but lasts a long time and is an ideal second cleanse in the evening or morning cleanse, which is how I generally use it.

SERUM / Zelens Youth Concentrate or Institut Esthederm Vitamin E or Skin Designs Vitamin C / These are all good antioxidant serums that are lightweight and don’t anger my sensitive skin. I mix it up, but generally get the Zelens out when I look a bit tired, the IE if I’m hitting the sun for lots of antioxidant action, and the Skin Designs Vitamin C if I’ve caught sun by mistake and want to lift any ruddiness or light patches of pigmentation.

EYES / Bioeffect EGF Eye Serum / Recommended to me by Debbie, she claimed this lightweight gel eye serum that is deft at taking down puffiness. I barely ever use the rollerball to apply it with owing to lack of time, but it smooths on really nicely and feels refreshing. Long term benefits are – as ever with an ‘anti-ageing’ product, a little harder to weigh in on, but it feels like it’s fighting the good fight.

SPF / SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense / I’ve recommended this sunscreen countless times. It’s brilliant: it’s extremely lightweight and doesn’t cast whiteness onto the skin, but it also provides brilliant protection from sun damage while rarely irritating skin or clogging those skins that are prone to spots.

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