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Beauty , 18 June 2017

Some Pointers If The Heat Is Making Things Go Wrong In The Beauty Department

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Yesterday, I decided to take a stroll with a friend in Regent’s Park. It felt like such a civilised idea, to have a gossip while taking in the flowers and people-watching. On the tube there, however, I began to rethink our plans. Plonked between a man in a vest whose sweaty arm kept running mine and someone who had clearly never been acquainted with deodorant, I arrived in a foul mood. Once a the mouth of the park, a quick check in my mirror didn’t help matters; I’d applied too much powder for the heat, so I could see it all too clearly in the dazzling sunlight, and my usual eye glimmer looked garish.

In that moment I realised that now that summer has well and truly set in, so must some new summer beauty maxims. I try to do these //

Avene SPF

Minimise Layers / I’m a huge fan of an essence followed by serum followed by antioxidant serum followed by SPF followed by base on most days, but come excessive heat, and it’s just too much, making make-up slip and skin potentially break out. A easy routine I like to follow on hot days involves an antioxidant serum to boost the skin (I like these at the moment), followed by an SPF or a good base containing SPF like Vichy Capital Soleil BB Cream.

SPF is Non-Negotiable / Whatever I skip, it’s never SPF; it’s pretty much the only – and easiest – way to truly safeguard your skin from premature ageing. There are TONNES of brilliant ones on the market, though I’m partial to these and am currently using either SkinCeuticals Ultra Facial Defense or Eau Thermale Avene SPF 50 (which dries to a matte finish so is great if you find you look sweaty come midday).

Go REALLY Easy on Powder / It’s so tempting to apply oodles of powder if like me you tend to get a bit greasy throughout the day, but it only ever makes skin look caked. Instead, I don’t apply too much skincare when it’s baking to avoid a greasy layer of slippy skincare from making my natural proclivities worse, and dab down with powder only where needed. Throughout the day, I’ll top up on powder but try not to get overzealous – I feel like if ever there’s a time to be a bit shiny of skin, summer is it. (N.B. Lots of make-up artists love MAC Blot Film, so if you are into a bit of blotting action, try it out.)

Reconsider Make-Up Textures / As I was reminded yesterday, wintery make-up just doesn’t work when it’s bright and sunny out. Instead, I try to lay down make-up in thin layers, relying on watery textures and balms over powders where possible. Two I really like at the moment: Daniel Sandler Watercolour Blush patted onto the apples of cheeks and Jillian Dempsey’s Lip Tint smudged over a lid with a good waterproof mascara like Fairydrops.


  • Nathalie Sheridan says:

    Some great tips there Madeleine.

    With fibromyalgia & complex regional pain syndrome, my temperature regulator is faulty you could say. I have high perspiration meltdowns even in Winter!

    I’m trying to put together a decent skincare routine but skincare & beauty has so many layers ???? In the end, I have my moisturiser, SPF and lipstick/gloss. Any annoying flare ups get a blast of my Avene Thermal Water Spray. Would be lost without it ????

    • Mads says:

      I’m glad you found them useful. I can imagine that must be quite the challenge! I hope you’re holding up okay today.

      In terms of skincare, I just think strip it back around this time of year and maybe just go for an SPF that’s really lovely and moisturising on super hot days xx

  • Mary B says:

    Dear Madeleine,
    I have just realised that SPF is a must (Im 28 and thinking its never too late)…What SPF factor do you think is “enough”? Im currently using an Avene cream with an SPF of 15, but not sure that is enough. My serum is Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate – which contains vitamin C – so I need good protection.
    Hope you can help,

    • Mads says:

      Hi Mary! Yes it’s absolutely never too late – though a dermatologist once terrifying told me that most damage to skin is as a result of childhood stints in the sun. Vitamin C is always good as it’ll lift pigmentation and provide antioxidant protection, but, yes, you absolutely need to put on an SPF afterwards. This is where it gets tricky. I usually use a 30 or 50 – though a 50 is actually barely any diff to 30 and most dermatologists seem to say that the extra weight of a 50 isn’t worth the small amount of extra protection. So, on balance, I’d recommend a 30. It’s also worth bearing in mind that if you put it on in the morning, it’ll disappear over the course of the day, so topping up with a spray or (if you don’t wear make-up) another coat before you go out is a good idea. I love SkinCeuticals Daily Defense/La Roche Posay but switch it up fairly often – I’m currently testing (and loving) Elemis Pro Collagen SPF 30 – though I would suggest getting one that isn’t in a jar if at all poss xxx

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