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Countryside , 20 June 2017

Inside The Stanglwirt Hotel, Austria

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If you follow me on Instagram, you can’t have missed that I was in Austria staying at the Stanglwirt in early May; alpine scenes exploded across my feed. I went with hubs, in part because we married at the hotel on the 1st of May and, despite swearing faithfully that we’d return yearly, we hadn’t been back since our wedding; and in part because we needed a few days away somewhere where there’d be a salubrious element to the holiday.

It is hard for the two of us to find a holiday that suits both our proclivities. Hubs is, you see, fond of tipple. Not in the sense that gives me cause for concern, but rather in the ‘I like a glass of red wine with steak’ sense. I am, as you may have guessed from my Mayr posts, keen on draconian regimes, deprivation, and zany spa treatments in the name of better health. The two don’t often sit well together.

The Stanglwirt, however, has triumphed where few others do – it straddles the two: on the one hand, it offers many a spot for libations (including in the lift, where there’s a little schnapps bottle tucked away in a corner), and, on the other, it offers two stellar spas, both of which require full nudity. Seriously. Zero clothes. In front of fellow guests. I wrote more about that bit here, but this is a photo diary to give you a taste of some of the delights, including the loo for two – yes, you read that right… //

Stanglwirt Review

Stanglwirt Review

Tennis courts at Stanglwirt

STanglwirt Garden

Treehouse in the stanglwirt

Stanglwirt Room


Stanglwirt Bar

Stanglwirt Bar Lipizzaner


Loo at the Stanglwirt

Loos in the Stanglwirt

Stanglwirt Toilet

Stanglwirt Stangl Alm

STangl Alm

STangl Alm Austria


Austria Going am Wilder Kaiser



Church Austria


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