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Beauty , 6 August 2017

3 New Beauties That Have Made Me All Giddy

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Giddy. The word promises a lot, doesn’t it? But for me to be sitting here on a Sunday morning with the sun teasing me through the patio window and a beagle who’s VERY keen on the idea of an extended walk around Hampstead Heath, these products would have to be good. Giddy-inducingly good. And indeed they are, hence the dropping of my Sunday ‘one product – at most a few from the same range’ rule, which I usually agonise over because I like to really home in the single thing that you need to know about weekly.

This week, I just couldn’t make the necessary cuts, so here are the three best finds I’ve unearthed (p.s. if you’re keen on newness, every Friday afternoon over on the InStyle UK Facebook page, I do a long, rambling talk on the newbies and show them in action so tune in if that sort of thing intrigues you)…

Oskia Pollution Balm

Oskia Citylife I-Zone Balm. Loads of brands have been launch pollution-busting products having keyed into the fact that pollution particles hit the skin, they cause an awful lot of damage to cells that’s equatable to damage from sun/smoking/booze etc. This balm is designed to go around eyes and on lips, which I think is enormously clever as a) those areas are so delicate and prone to damage, and this will both infuse with vitamins, minerals and lipids, and also form a barrier from further damage; b) to both moisturise and treat in one, as this balm does, is clever and, c) it’s actually a realistic ask, to just smooth a little light-diffusing balm on eyes and lips before heading outside. It’s not out yet but will launch imminently.

Glossier Cloud Paint

Glossier Cloud Paint. A few things on Glossier as a whole, in case you’ve missed the fandango about the brand. It was started by blogger Emily Weiss four years ago, who’d enjoyed enormous success with Into The Gloss. The products are all really simple in premise – and in packaging – and are designed to do what they say on the tube. This is my favourite of the range – it imparts a truly soft wash of colour that does, indeed, call a cloud to mind. Also worth noting is that they’re non-greasy (so won’t leave shine on your skin), but do spread easily. I use mine on top of foundation and – if I’m applying it – under powder. N.B. Glossier launches into the UK in October.

Nars powermatte review

NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment. Regular readers will know I flirt with mattes, but had never found the one. I think this may be it. It is truly lightweight – as in, I didn’t feel it on my lips once painted on, and incredibly fluid, so doesn’t leave those weird balls on your lips after a few hours. I also love that it leaves a stain behind and barely dries lips out in the slightest – provided they were in fairly good fettle at the time of applying. This means the usual: lip exfoliation either with a scrub or cotton bud rolled in lip balm, the regular applications of lip balm to keep flakes at bay, and using a balmy lipstick between matte episodes.

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  • Katie Jenner says:

    Genuinely could see myself wanting to try out all three of these. I never got in to matte lipsticks, although I have one from Chanel which is lovely and doesn’t do the weird cakey/ball thing. I didn’t know Nars were doing something similar. Have you tried the Dior lip tattoos though? I feel like liquid lipsticks are going through an evolution and can see myself getting excited! 🙂

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