Interview , 26 August 2017

That Time I Met Channing Tatum

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One of my favourite things about working at a magazine has to be the unpredictability. There I was last weekend at my first and last ever festival* standing in mud in my wellies and glittery parka, shivering away and miserable as can be, when my phone pinged with this question: ‘are you free to interview Channing Tatum on Monday morning?’ (YES. I. WAS.)

This sort of thing didn’t happen when I worked in an office in the City. Sure, there’d be the odd impromptu pub trip to Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese a whole three streets further that the usual Ye Old White Horse, or a random karaoke session to celebrate some triumph or another, but never was a bonafide A-list hottie involved.

Channing Tatum

So, Channing. What was he like? Physically, he’s precisely as I imagined him to be; beefy, that special shade of pinky brown I find quite appealing, and a little bit twinkly in the eye. And that twinkle, well, it made me a little big giggly and a lot less professional than I’d have liked to have been. Our videographer very kindly chopped out most the bits where I looked like a total t*t, and the (rather good, if I do say so myself) edit is above, all hail the power of editing.

Speaking of editing, there was none of that on BBC 5 Live, or on Newsnight, but those are two other tales for another day… I’ll leave you to watch the Channing and to swoon your way into the delicious three day weekend…

* I am aware that I am weird and in a minority in disliking festivals. It’s the noise, the excess of people, the loos, the cold. Those things bother me so.


  • Wow, that must have been such an awesome experience! I read the article before watching the interview. You definitely didn’t seem anything but professional during the interview to be honest! It seemed like you nailed it. I’m happy to hear that his wife uses a lot of serums and follows a regimen. It’s got me wondering what products she uses. He sounds like my husband as well when it comes to skin care- just use some of the wife’s stuff.

    • Mads says:

      Thank you! It’s always a bit daunting, interviewing someone. More so if you’ve a bit of a crush on them! Yes I thought that too but he couldn’t remember any of their names! My husband steals EVERYTHING X

      • It’s definitely a guy thing! That’s actually something they taught me in beauty school. Most men tend to prefer just a cleanser and a moisturizer. And yes, I can only imagine conducting an interview like that. I’d have to give myself little pep talks, like just act cool and professional!:) Definitely a very cool opportunity.

  • Josephine Jenner says:

    Just back from being mega busy and my hols and have caught up on this!! How exciting, I’d have been a MESS! He’s such a sweet man! Also agreed on festivals, I just can’t cope with them, and I thought maybe ‘one day’ I’d loosen up enough to go to one but never ever,ever again. It’s the loos,mainly!

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